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Superman! Vacation! Weight Loss challenge!

Hey everyone! I'm posting from Manchester, TN this morning getting ready to hit the road for Tybee Island, GA. I don't know much about Tybee Island - we just picked a spot and said, we'll drive there. We still have about 6 hours to drive, but will have a few days to spend there. I'm pretty excited about the beach. If there are a lack in posts -- you'll know why at least.

The Weight loss challenge that I host is over. It was the 3rd challenge and it went really well. The winner, and I'll do a post about him like I did with the last champ, was actually my brother who lost 20.8 lbs. This is a six week challenge. He rocked it like crazy! I lost 1/4 of that weight, but am happy for that.

I'm just trying not to gain that 6 lbs back on vacation. If I gain a 2-3...I'm okay with that b/c this is vacation and I will enjoy more than normal. Yay!

On our way driving yesterday -- we saw a sign for "Giant Superman Statue" -- of course we turned off the hwy and went to see it. This is what I want my healthy body to look like :)

I hope you all have a great day! Stay focused and keep moving.