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Doubt Kills the Runner...

If you think about it - the one thing that kills the run, the runner, and the runner's doubt. Metaphorically that is for all of you strictly literal people :)

Let's give this theory a little thought.

I grew up fairly athletic. I played each sport that was offered. There were times when I would get injured though. One time I was playing in a baseball game and the outfielder slid under me while I was catching the ball and tore all the ligaments in my ankle. I played Superman and acted like it was nothing and tried to get back in the game. The injury didn't stop my mindset of finishing what I had started.

Living in the MidWest, there tends to be several stormy days. Sometimes, those stormy days amount to several consecutive days of rain in a row. I remember though earlier this year when it was raining that I completed a PR to that date on the one mile run. The elements didn't stop my mindset of finishing what I had started.

I started running as a way to aid in weight loss. I was a heavy man that hadn't really run long distance before. You could have found me slogging (slow jogging - thanks Louis) around Clinton knowing that I'll hit my goal. Those goals were a lot less than what I have now, but my weight didn't stop my mindset of finishing what I had started.

but doubt...

doubt will stop me in my tracks everytime if I let it's ugly face show...

doubt is to a runner as kryptonite is to Superman -- it's detrimental.

I think I had doubted my running ability up until last night. I knew I could run, but could I run the longer distances. Could I do the Half Marathon? I questioned myself and my ability to do so, until last night.

I hit what I consider a milestone for my running. I ran 10 miles straight with no stopping. It was at a slow pace -- but for me to go that long, it'll be a slow pace :)
10 miles is a big number for me. I ran for nearly 2 hours. Up hills, down hills, 2 miles of gravel, and rickety bridges. It was a 11'13" pace that I am proud of.

No more doubt, just belief.

I am success.

What has been your Kryptonite?