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The Move. The 5k. The Possible. B4 and Afters.

Is it just me or is the Summer time the hardest time to blog? It seems that I just don't have the time to blog during the Summer. Either way - if you haven't seen any comments from me on your blog recently, just know that I do visit them.

The Move.

It's public news now so I can share with you too that I have accepted another position at a different church. Carol and I are pretty excited about this decision and its something that had been prayed about for a loong time. It's cool to see things come to fruition. This news means that we are moving...again. We don't really like the whole moving process at all. Some people enjoy it and like the thrill of the move -- we like the idea of the move, but the actual move = headache.

Headaches are no fun. Hopefully though we will have a very smooth move. We've started going through things and have a pile of 'keep', 'garage sale/giveaway', and 'trash'. I think Carol is getting better at throwing things away :).

So that is the big news!

The 5k.

I have another 5k. It's tomorrow morning. I'm going to try and beat my past 5k times. If you look at the Goals/Achievements page you'll see that my PR is 26'24" in the 5k in Clinton, MO. I'm hoping to be in the 25' range tomorrow. We'll see how that turns out tomorrow! I'm pretty excited about it. There is also a couple people from the weight loss challenge I host, Seth Tyler's Weight Loss Challenge, that are running it as well. I'm pretty stoked for us all to finish!

The habit.

I'm trying to start a new habit. Cooking. I don't do a lot of it, but have in the past. Carol doesn't like to cook, but likes to bake (her pumpkin muffins are delish!). One way I figured that I can make sure we eat healthy stuff on a very regular basis is to simply suck it up and cook. It's really easy to look at the kitchen and say, "Subway tonight!". I need to cook. I think I'll get the cooking thing down, but need to make sure I look at how long the recipe says I need to prepare. I went to cook something two nights ago and realized that I was suppose to marinate the chicken overnight!

Put that in bold letters cookbookmakers!

I don't have much else for you today, but an old comparison picture to close with...

I love looking at the comparison pictures because it shows me that I can accomplish what I never thought I could.

still questioning your capabilities?

Question no more.