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STWLC Winner #4! I run because I can.

Can you believe it?!

I've already gone for my run for the day!

It's crazy because I'm not a morning person at all. I had the run done by 8:30am! I'm normally up already by then, but on my way to work. Today is a monumental day for me. To be able to get up on my own to run in the morning and it not be because of a race -- is simply wonderful!

The real purpose for this post is bring the spotlight on a weight loss challenger of mine. He joined in on the 4th challenge [you can join too for #5] and stuck with it to become victorious!

You can see his before and after pics here at the challenge website.

The website serves as a control center for all of the challenges branching off of mine. Eric [with his younger brother Anthony who lost 30 lbs in the challenge!] will be starting his own challenge, in which he joins Melissa [challenge #2 winner] and Matt [challenge #3 winner], in hosting their own weight loss challenges.

Between the three of those winners - they have lost a combined total [to date] of 100.4 lbs!!!!

The challenge works if you set your focus and do it with purpose.

If you would like to be a challenger in the 5th installment of the STWL challenge -- go HERE to JOIN! If you are interested in starting your own challenge, whether it be a physical location or an online challenge - shoot me an email at:

stylerwlc [at] gmail [dot] com.

If I can get up early in the morning and go for a run after doing p90x at 9:00pm last night --- you can do anything you set your mind too!