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As Tony puts it, "The Mother of All Workouts"

I had such a good workout yesterday that I wanted to post about it.


I'm a hunter and once I was finished hunting [no luck last night] I went home, ate dinner, and lounged around.

I have been getting accustomed to lounging a bit more since I was sick and such and that is just not me. I don't like to do that for to long. I still needed my workout for the day, but was lacking the motivation to do it. Not sure why.

I got on facebook and updated my status asking if any of my friends in my town had any Wii games that they were wanting to let my wife and I borrow for the night. A friend from church brought some over and one of the games was Just Dance.

I'm up for anything.

We put the game in and despite it's girlyness -- it was a lot of fun and such a workout. We had a friend try to get us to play it when they were in the states, but we went against it. Sorry Alyssa [I'm only sorry if that was the game]!

It was fun.

It was a workout.

It made me sweat too.

What Kind of Unusual Surprise Workouts have you had?!