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refusing to move, fail, stop, go

Why not feel the way that you want to feel?
Why not be who you desire to be?
Why not take control of situations?
Why not make a difference?
Why not live healthier?
Why not be stronger?
Why live in regret?
Why not forgive those who have wronged you?
Why wait until tomorrow when you can do it today?
Why wait for good to come to you when you ARE good?!
Why let someone else determine your worth?
Why let it be harder to climb the stairs than forget the extra cookie?
Why be a slave to food?
Why be a slave to anything?
Why not be the best in anything?
Why not try?
...there may be times that you fail
...but when you succeed's because you have refused to fail
...and fought hard to live
there's nothing stopping you...

but you.