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keeping control. Meet my new friend.

Meet my new friend.

I love being able to get my runs in. I've had to do the runs on the treadmill, but b/c of my membership at the local YMCA - it's been a lot easier to get solid runs in rather than on my less sturdy treadmill. I started this journey out on Wilma [my treadmill], but have made a new friend at the Y. I have no name for this treadmill though - I need one -- any suggestions.

This treadmill can handle me going at 8 something pace for a long time - mine at home cannot. I'm sure Carol doesn't like it when she can hear me running hard on the treadmill from the other room.

keeping control.

This week I've really focused on making the smart decisions when they come.

I've given up soda completely this week. I'm only three days into it, but I've done it before and was successful so I'm not worried about this one. Every now and then, I like to give up things just to know that i can do it and it doesn't have control over me. I just like to keep control.

What's new with you all?!