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A Running Guide for the Overweight Runner

There is a man that runs around my town all of the time carrying himself with no evidence of being tired. You may see him out at the park r...


Its more than just a run...

There is a huge difference between those that are “running to get in shape”, “running because everyone else is doing it”, or even “runners who only go for medals” – they all differ from the runner who runs simply because he/she loves running.

There is a connection from the other “categories” I put down to those that simply love running, but it takes time to get to that point I think.

I think I get lost sometimes. I started out running because I was fat, out of shape, and due to an ankle break – I was itching to do some kind of activity and running was the only thing that my newly healed ankle would do. It was then that I learned of my love for running. I am re-living that ankle thing right now with a 3rd degree sprain. I am so close to be able to get to a light jog though - I can't wait!

Running may seem pointless to some. I've heard it said, "why run, you're not going anywhere!". That's not always true, but when you do go out to run and end back up at the spot you left from - all you did was run, right?!

Wrong! It's more than just a run.

I don't know how many times I have solved problems, came up with awesome ideas, and even written a blog post out in my head when I'm on a run. There's also those times where you... [this is going to sound a bit tree-hugger like]... feel one with the outdoors. There can be cars going by you or people in your way on the sidewalk [if you run on sidewalks, I don't typically], but still you can see the world with a different perspective. Maybe it's because I'm going at a slower pace than when I'm in a car.

Being outdoors opens you up to creativity, but that is still not my point.

I run because I love to do it. Of course I enjoy the occasional medal, the race swag, the commradery, but even without it - running is freeing.

It is hard work, but so are most things that I encounter on a day-to-day basis. It takes time, but so does watching t.v. or playing xbox360. It requires discipline, however, running may have taught me discipline.

Now that I'm this far in the post - I don't even know if I've made sense, let alone make any point.

So here is my point.

Running for me, and probably some of you, is more than just "going out for a run". It's a time for me to think, create and learn. By the time I get back from my run, no matter the distance, I have accomplished something for the day already. Most people feel as if they accomplish nothing day-in-day-out - not the runner. Running exercises not just the body, but the whole self. Discipline, positive self-image and thoughts, follow-through & execution, a sense of accomplishment, self-perspective, the ability to push yourself past pre-set limitations, and an ability to listen to your body -- these are all benefits of running.

It may be scary for some of you though, running in many cases - is a solo activity. It may require you to be alone with yourself. Some people are probably more scared of being alone with themself than the actually running part. In those times though, knowing and figuring out who you are can lead you to discovering who you can and were meant to be.

So, while some may say it's nothing more than a run - it's actually much more than a run. As cliche' as this may sound...

It's more than just a run, it's a way of life.

I cannot wait to get back to running. So, until I come up with some more running and fitness posts - I will provide my life posts.

Here is the cutest little boy I've ever seen...and yes, he's mine :)


Run Art - FIDO the dog. Almost hit by car.

I don't have a lot of time to blog so let's get to the point.

Yesterday, I was super busy and didn't get to run. So busy in fact, that I forgot and missed a meeting - oops!

I was so excited to post my latest RUN ART and didn't get to yesterday - I didn't even get to run it. BUT today I did get to!

So, here goes it - This is my Run Art of "FIDO", the road dog.

FIDO covered almost 6 miles of road canvas. I went ahead and finished the .2 miles to make it an even 6 miles. I ran it in 58 minutes. Slow, but getting to my old form!

Also, some idiot almost hit me with their car when they ran a stop sign. Thank you God for quick reflexes and the ability to jump when I need to. Whew! Very close.


Steak Picnic. Self-Doubt. 3D imaging of Baby Boy

Today, I didn't do a whole lot. It was in fact a holiday and all - so why would I?!

It was a good day though today. I think I ate more than I should, but that's done with so no fretting about that. My wife and I thought that it would be a good opportunity, being a gorgeous day, to go to the park and cook-out. We figured that it'd be pretty busy there and that the shelters would be rented out, but when we got there -- it was just us. It was nice.

It wasn't a regular picnic either - we thought we'd grill steaks and corn on the cob. That's how we roll. I found a REALLY good dry rub recipe for the steaks and after getting the grill worked up just right (in the not-to-helpful wind), everything cooked beautifully. I think the steaks may have been the best ones that I have ever made, so flavorful!

Anyways, the food was really good and the weather was pretty awesome! That's always a positive.

After eating such an awesome meal - I hadn't fogotten that I still had my run to do today. I had to wear a long sleeve shirt for this run! It's strange that a couple days ago - it was 90 degrees in the evening and tonight, after I finished my run - it was barely 60 degrees. I did enjoy the cool air.

I decided to do more speedwork for a mental push tonight. The schedule said 3 miles, but in the back of my head - I know that I need speed work and I really am not fond of distances over 2 miles on the track. Being that it was so late and dark, I just went down to the high school track for my run.

Tonight's run was pretty good though. Even though I didn't go all that far on the track - there were times on the track when I just wanted to stop.

ONE thing that I need to work on is getting past the 'wanting to stop' mentallity and so what I did was...of course, I sped up the pace. I needed to show myself that I can maintain a faster pace than what I'm doing.

This Half Marathon is starting to play with my mind. I KNOW THAT I CAN DO IT, but I keep doubting myself. I keep thinking about a post I once wrote talking about Self-Doubt killing the Runner.

The funny thing is about the past 'Self-Doubt' post is that I was training for a half-marathon then too, just shy of a year ago (had to settle for the 10k due to move).

I was proud of that 10 mile run - it took a lot out of me to do it. I know that I don't need a ten mile run for me to believe that I can run this Half Marathon on the 24th, but mentally, as I said before - I need to be at a better place to enjoy the race and not just fear it.

That's what I'm working on...and some more RunArt. I've worked up Wednesday's run already - and it is probably the coolest run I'll have taken up to that point. I'm ready for Wednesday's run!

This has nothing to do with running - but definately with my life. I think I may have my hands full with our first child due in November.

Would you say that he wasn't too fond of getting his picture taken??


Run Art -"BuckTooth" and getting up early

I got up before 7am on a Saturday morning for what reason?! To run.

I don't think I've been up that early on a Saturday in a long time! Actually, It's not too often that I'm up before 7am on a weekday. Yes, I am lucky that I don't have to be in the office until 9am. Thankful for that! I have tried these past two weeks to get up earlier and make better use of my time than just sleep (of course I try to get adequate sleep, that's the best thing for a run!). I've been doing better - and today definately helped.

I get up, the sun peering through the windows at just the right angle that lit up a portion of the room. I didn't know that the sun peered through the windows in the morning like that. It really was weird. I looked around to see if my wife had turned a light on. As said, I'm not usually up before the sun so things are new to me at this hour!

Anyways, I made coffee and ate a banana and also some honey on a piece of bread for my pre-run fuel. Didn't forget to get some water in me either. I can't eat much before a run in the morning - totally slows me down. I had laid my clothes out to help with the motivation the night before which helped.

So, as with the theme of yesterday's post - I set out to attack my Run Art, my new running thing. I had mapped this out on mapmyrun yesterday so that I could run/paint it this morning. My long run was suppose to be 8 miles today, but this creation only took me 7.79 miles. I'll take it. This is my longest run of the year. I originally had created only the face, but when I got out there - I went for a body too...freestyle.

Meet BuckTooth

I ran the first 7 and walked the body portion of BuckTooth. I was done with my run before 9:30 came around.

It's weird to have accomplished so much before 9:30 on a Saturday. It happened though.

Anyways, I will have more Run Art creations posted as I do them. They are a super way to make running fun. They really aren't for you if you are going for time, but if you are going for mileage and want something different -- this is for you.

If you are on - hit me up: you can find me by searching MistrTyler.


Run Art. Check it out!

Hey All!

Great News! I found time to create a picture.

I know that doesn't sound like great news, but this picture was on approximately 5.2 miles of canvas ---- called road.

I was reading a blog the other day, and I cannot remember the name of the blog :/ , trying to find something inspiring towards running and such, something that I think is pretty typical of runners that want something new to do.

Anyways, I read of a guy that ran a route that when looked at from the aerial map view, it looked like the Apple symbol in honor of the now retired Steve Jobs. I thought that was pretty awesome and am pretty turned onto this idea. I don't know what it is called in other circles (and I'm sure it's popular in other places), but I'm calling it "Run Art". I have to admit that it is pretty FUN and gets you excited for your run! You should really try it. I have already mapped out my long run for my HALF TRAINING for tomorrow and I think you'll like it!

Check out what my run today looked like.

It takes time to map out, but makes your run seem shorter for some reason

What are some ways that you make your runs fun?!


Half Training - Day 10 of 35. B&B Smoothie

Today is a rest/cross train day for my half training. I am 10 days into my 35 day training plan. I can't believe that it is only 35 day training plan. I don't like putting it that way.

Maybe this will sound better: I am into the beginning of my 2nd week of my 5 week Half training plan.

That sounds better!

Anyways, today was the cross train and I thought I would just get out and take a few laps around the local high school track again. I think what is key for me for this Half is to get the endurance built back up. I'm not too worried about speed/time because I am not expecting to have a great time. I have my own goals in my head and I won't be announcing those, but this is my very first Half-Marathon so anything will be a PR!

I know it's not cross training to go out and get some more miles, but it worked today. I ended up doing 2 3/4 miles at 10'15" pace.

I came home to find that my pregnant wife had made some oatmeal cookies. I had one - and they were the best oatmeal cookies that she has ever made! But I limited it to one because I needed my recovery drink. I am not a pretty picture take when it comes to drinks or food - so you get the aerial view of my Berry & Banana Smoothie!

Mixed Berry & Banana Smoothie

Frozen Mixed Berries
1 Medium Banana
Plain Yogurt
Agava Nectar
Skim Milk
(optional: spoonful of vanilla ice cream)


Confession and some confidence


It has been difficult to get where I was in my running program. I guess I can't say that I had a program begin with. I am more of an amateur runner and would just run to run - in fact us amateurs pay to run in a race just to finish it. Anyways, it's been difficult. This week I have struggled with the commitment I've made to run a half-marathon in just five weeks. Granted, if I was a brand new runner and not conditioned for long distances in the least bit - I wouldn't have chosen such a date so close. This race though is not going to be crowded, it's cheap (only $30), and it sounds like good race swag.

Tonight was a confidence booster though. I'm a youth minister and sometimes part of my job consists of youth events, like lock-ins. We had one Friday night up until this morning. I was beat. I tried to sleep but of course when you need the best sleep - everything prevents it. That was true today. I kept falling asleep all day just to be awakened by something else. With all that said, I still found it in me to go get my long run in tonight at 9:30pm in the dark. I didn't run all of it but ran 4/5 of it at an okay pace. I did it though - I followed through again and that definitely built my confidence up.

That's what I needed


Gettin it back.

I'm gonna go run on the track tonight again. Today is suppose to be a rest/cross train day, but yesterday I went out of town and on my way back had lots of car trouble. Not fun. An hour trip took nearly 2 1/2 hours. This really isn't the best timing for that car to go out, but we've always been taking care of when things seem out of control so I'm going to stay focused on things I can control... like running.

I actually set my alarm to a time before 6 am this morning so that I could get the missed run in before work today - but I didn't get up until 6:45am. Bummer. Oh well. I think a lot of people stress out when they miss a run, but missing a run is not the end of the world. Yes, you might feel bad, lazy, and/or bummed that you didn't get to go out - but that rest also may be the thing that you needed.

I'm glad I am back in the swing of running, eating right, and blogging - I think I might have missed this.


Run. Rest. Basketball. Evaluate. Run. Pleasure. Pumpkin Spice.

Yesterday was day two of my training and it was a 3 mile easy run. I decided to do the run at the track in the evening - 7:30pm when it's cooler [80 degrees]. I haven't run on a track very much at all. While I found the running not to be that bad, it was completely monotonous. I found it hard to keep track of lap count. Anyhow, I completed my run and could see a storm coming in the distance, it was pretty cool to see the lightening just in the clouds.

I came home and ate a wonderful Berry Banana Smoothie - so good. Bananas are good for muscles and cramps right?!

I woke myself, and my wife, up in pain due to a killer calf cramp. It was a painful one. Luckily, today is a Rest/XT day in the half-marathon training program. It has felt better as the day continues.

With a sore leg and a busy mind due to an evaluation tonight from my employers - I needed something to get my mind focused and my leg stretched out.

Our local community center has a gym and it is cost-free so I went down and played some basketball for about an 1 1/2 hours or more to give my leg some stretching. Tomorrow is another 3 miler and I think my leg will be fine. I will do plenty of stretching before and after the run. I find it so much easier to do what needs to get done, in terms of working out and such, when there is a goal that you're shooting for.

I like runs that have the sole purpose of pleasure, but having something that you are aiming for really kicks you in gear.

After my evaluation - I'm gonna come home and my wife is going to make me a Pumpkin Spice latte - I'm so ready for it now!

Take care!


Sept 24. 2011. Half Marathon is Happenin

So, I've committed to doing a Half Marathon which is on September 24th, 2011 in Fort Scott, Kansas.

This will be my first half-marathon and it's kind of crazy to think about because I haven't really been training. I have increased my activity by a great amount, except for vacation last week :/

I've gone on a few runs and have been playing ball at the local community center. It's good to be back in it - the physical activity of everything anyways.

That Half-marathon is just 5 weeks away. That means in 5 weeks I will be running 13.1 miles. To be honest, I don't know if I'll run all 13.1 miles of it, probably not, but I will be able to check that off of my list of things that I wanted to accomplish this year.

It is the 1st half marathon that this place will be putting on so I am unsure of what to expect. It is a gradual downhill run except for the hill at the finish. So, we'll run downhill for quite some time, probably won't even realize we are, and then climb back up it at the finish. I have modified a Runner's World half training program to make it work during this short training period. I have been running for some time now that I think this will work for me. I'm not running for time, especially since I have not been training for a long time for it, but to finish. I have 3 hours to finish the 13.1 miles - so my goal is to finish.

If you think about it - how many people can really say that they have ocmpleted a Half-Marathon?

I can't yet, but hope to be able to soon.

Here's my plan:


Running Playlist

Two days in a row of blogging?!! 28 more and it's a habit right!

I went out and tackled the Missouri 95 degree weather (heat index 103), of course with my Imitation camelback. It was hot and I walked probably half of it, but it was nice not worrying about distance! I just went to get healthier. Besides that, I wanted to include my running playlist today below.

The Almost - 'Monster Monster'
Lyricist - 'Money' (this guy has sold out on his new stuff)
For Today - 'Never Lose Sight'
The Almost - 'Stop It'
LeCrae - ''Walking on Water'
Group 1crew - 'Lean on Me'
LeCrae - 'Transfomers'
TFK - 'Rawkfist'
Group1Crew - 'love is a beautiful thing'
Switchfoot - 'Mess of Me'
Flame - 'Move'
Trip Lee - 'The Invasion'

Check these out if you have time!


It isn't as easy as the first time.

It isn't as easy as the first time for me.

It seems that I hadn't been able to get back into the groove of things whenever I tried to get.. Well - back into the groove of things. I put about ten lbs on and just felt sloppy. Clothes didn't feel right, stomach felt bloated, and I haven't been able to run very much. That part especially stinks because I so want to run.

I've found that it isn't as easy as the first time that I tried to lose all of the weight - and the reason I think is because I am at such a lower weight than before that I have to do things a lot differently than then. I will be doing a lot of the same things with portions that I eat and such, but I definately have to be more aware of my health decisions. Another big thing is that I have to make time to work out. Eating right is most of it, but I have probably lost my edge if I were to go run a 5k race.

That's just the truth.

Well, as of this morning I have weighed in at 205.8 lbs. Much better than 255+ lbs, but not where I need to be. It'll probably be a little bit before I get back into blogging moreoften, but I might surprise you and just rock it out again!

I am finished with the multiple week long traveling for work this Summer. Don't get me wrong, I had a blast while going to the different camps and then especially to Colorado, but I am glad to be home.

Another thing- our baby BOY is due in just 14 weeks!


Weigh In Picture

I'm in a new weight loss challenge. I decided not to continue hosting the challenges for a while, but there have been many to branch off and keep helping others. I have joined one as I have gained back about 10 lbs this last 7 months (since moving for a new job).

I've been running - just not as often, but am back at it. I'm finding time to put things back in order and it's going well. I missed running!

here's the weigh-in picture for the start of the 6 week challenge!


Morning time: I'm loving it!

I bet you thought the post was about McD's. It's not.

I'm trying to form a new habit and McD's is not it.

On Saturday, my wife woke up at 4 am not feeling well (probably didn't help that she ate a 6" sub at 10:00pm) and woke me up too. I already struggled to get to sleep (probably b/c I ate a 6" sub at 10:00pm), but I was up for the day! Saturday was a big day and I had a lot to do - (I'm a youth minister and had put together a HUGE Easter egg hunt (3000 eggs huge) and my mind wouldn't let me go back to sleep thinking about it. I did not fill all of hose eggs though -- everyone chipped in and it was mostly the youth group.

Anyways, I was up that morning at 4 and out of bed at 5. I have to admit it - I liked it! I liked having had a bunch of stuff done by 8am.

I've decided that I'm gonna try to get up between 5 & 6am daily. I'm on day 3! The is BIG b/c I am typically not a morning person. I'm gonna finish up this blog post and get on the treadmill a little bit, shower, eat breakfast, and have time tIme to rest before going into the church!

I do have to admit - I feel like an old person being up-and-attem this early.

Enjoy your day!


Let's do a Giveaway! Race Results

Let's get to it!

I'm going to do a giveaway! I've got a $20 Subway gift card to give away this Friday @ 8:00pm to someone.

How do you get entered into the giveaway?!

Three ways to enter. Follow Fit With a Purpose and comment me telling me that you now do. Comment below saying that you want in on the giveaway! Also, tell other people to come and sign into the giveaway! If they say that they were sent my way by you - they get entered and you get another entry!

There's been a lot going in my world!

1. We've got a baby coming of course in November.

2. I am scheduled to run my first half-marathon in June on the 11th.

I was planning on running one with my friend from Germany while he is back in the states, but we were unable to get that worked out and will be running a 10k together in Illinois.

3. I'm going to be starting a new weight loss challenge this upcoming week! It is going to be $5 to enter this time and the winner will receive a 1 yr subscription to a fitness magazine and rest of entry fee. Details to be worked out still.


A couple weeks ago I ran in my first official 5k this year and placed 2nd in my age division. It was the hilliest course ever.

I don't have a picture right now of it, but maybe I can find one on the camera.

Again, giveaway entrees start today!!!! Enter and tell your friends!


So, as you know - my life will be completely different come November. It seems as if it is already so much different with all the planning and such. Carol and I started out this year attempting to simplify our lifestyle and to put ourselves In the best financial position we could to save money and make our dollar go the longest way it can. We've nearly cut our monthly expenses by 300 dollars/month by doing that. It's been a trial and error but we are still on track to cut it more. We know the baby will cost quite a bit but that was one of the reasons in cutting so much extra - things work out in time.

While my focus has been on that - it has not been so much on losing weight. I have gained about 5 lbs. I have a goal of hitting my ideal weight by november. That is 20-25 lbs to lose. Plenty of time to do it, I just have to do it. I'm gonna start posting my weight again for the accountability - I rely on you to help and encourage... Please keep it coming.

That is all! Thanks bloggers!


I'm gonna be a dad!

All I want to post today is that the news is public now...

I'm going to be a dad!

So excited, a little scared, but excited!



Racing is on my Mind. It's worth it.

I've got the itch to go race!

I doubt my times would be much to brag about, or even mention, but it kicked in yesterday - it's racing season. I've only had one race so far this year and it was a virtual 5k. I enjoyed the virtual 5k, but it lacked in some areas. While there were other people doing it - there were... runners in the distance to catch up to. finish line with people standing around and cheering. one to take either my number or official timing at the finish line. old people that I thought shouldn't have beaten me that did :) race swag number to post on my wall medal presentations other exhausted people to talk about the race with sometimes ugly race t-shirts (I think this is the only time we really accept ugly t-shirts and are happy about them)

I miss the atmosphere of racing. I miss the comradery that is associated with it.

It's kicked in though. I found a 5k this upcoming Saturday. My wife and I are to go pick up some friends from the airport in Springfield, MO on Saturday - so we will leave early in the morning to go do this race and leave in time from the race to go pick our friends up.

You may ask yourself?

Is it worth it to leave extra early and drive 30 minutes out of your way to go run in a race?

It is worth it.

Even if you can only walk - go participate in a race. It's addicting and exhilirating. Once you find that you can complete something - you're hooked.


The Snow is back and my 200th POST!

and the snow is back...

I knew there was a chance for the snow to return, but I am never ready for it. I am not a fan of cold weather, snow, and/or ice; pretty much a fan of anything except for winter. I woke up this morning only to have my wife come and tell me to look out the window. I knew it had snowed...and it was snowing even more.

this is what the last snow storm did for us.

Oh well. What can a guy that only enjoys running outside do when the weather gets in the way? I'll pray for it to stop and hide out inside with the treadmill or go to the YMCA.

Speaking of YMCA - I cancelled my membership [to take affect on April 14th] b/c I was not getting my money's worth. I am an outside worker-outer-type-of-guy.

Give me a road, some running shoes, and some music and let me be.

I will figure something out for my workout today. Can I just say that my last post was about great weather, which for me is conducive to great running. On the brighter side, it's suppose to be 50's or 60's tomorrow and 70's the next day. Gotta love Missouri weather.

Another bright note to Fit With a Purpose -- this is my 200th POST! I can't believe that I stuck around this long to have written 200 different posts. I am very thankful to all that have encouraged me to keep it up. Thanks for all the help!


great weather means great running

We have been having some great weather as of late here in Missouri. You never know what to expect with the weather around here. Not too long ago we had 20+ inches of snow and now we have 60 degree weather in the forcast for the next week; only to be followed up by more snow maybe. As the snow may come later, I am getting as much of this awesome weather while I can. I have started the training for the Half marathon that I am to do with my friend in mid-June.

I hadn't run in about 3 weeks due to business, life, cold weather -- whatever the reason -- and did so a few days ago and...can i just say - getting back at it isn't any fun. I love running. I love the outdoors. I love the fresh air.

That day. I was sucking the air pretty badly.

I'm getting back to the normal though. I've been trying to do more of a cross training type of workouts with my bike and running on opposite days. Tonight, I will be doing the Abs workout of p90x and some pushups. I need to strengthen my core!

Well, that is what's been going on lately. I know my posts aren't as often, but thanks for reading when they are here.




My life is very busy.

So, in attempts to sum everything up, I'll be simple.

Work is going awesome, but has me running around like crazy.

Carol and I are learning to be more creative and simplify life. You can read about our endeavors so far

I have challenged my friend Zach to completing a Half Marathon with me in June when he is back in the states for a couple weeks. Will be discussing our successes and trials HER

And, I'm trying to blog about it all.



A New PR and a New Goal

Yesterday, I ran in a virtual 5k and set a new PR for myself. I ran it in 25'59". That beats my previous PR by 10 seconds. I'm pretty happy with that time. I wasn't anywhere near 1st place, but it definitely sets a new standard for this year. I've tried pretty hard to get out of the 26 - 27 min range all last year (I'll take the 1 second under :])

So, My new goal in my running is to get to the 24 min range this year. A 24 minute 5k is just under an 8 min/mile. In order to get to the 24'59" -- I'm looking at about an 8.3 min/mile. I think by the end of the year that it's doable.

Short and Simple.


Virtual 5k. Upping the Mileage. 1000 lbs

Virtual 5k.

I'm hosting my first virtual 5k today and it's kind of exciting. People from all over the place racing against each other without ever seeing who is actually in front of them.

I've never been at the very front of the race running all alone with people behind me, but I think the virtual environment of the race gives that feeling to you. In a race, you can be pumped up by seeing the person in front of you and you have something to shoot for. In this race, it's You verse the perception you have of the other's ability. Will this make a person run faster? I guess I'll find out later.

Upping the Mileage.

If you look to the right of the page - I'm tracking my miles again publicly. It's been an eye-opener that while I've had every opportunity, I've neglected to run the miles that I need to if I am going to reach my goals this year. I'm shooting for 750 miles this year. It is less than I shot for last year, but a solid amount that I know I have time for. I didn't realize it until I kept myself accountable with my trusty spreadsheet again of how easy it is to fall back. So, that'll be there to keep me accountable.

1000 lbs.

That is the number of POUNDS LOST that my challenge and the ones that have branched from it are creeping up on. 1000 lbs lost. That is insane to me. 1000 lbs. I'm humbled to be a part of that b/c I know that people are making positive changes in their lives. 1000 lbs! It'll happen either this week or the following. If you want to see some of the before and afters of people that have taking part in the challenges, you can see them here at S.T.Weightloss!

1000 LBS


Running IN the Bible and Not the Running Bible

I'm sure you can find several books claiming to be the "Running Bible". Well, as much knowledge as those books may have - I thought to myself "what about running IN the Bible and how can it apply to my own running"

"Interesting thought", I thought to myself. Many would say that the Bible is no source for running, but humor me a little and keep reading :)

Genesis 39:12 -- Joseph runs away from Potiphar's wife escaping her passes on him.

1 Kings 18:46 -- Elijah outruns those that are trying to kill him. (long distance too)

1 Corinthians 9:24-27 -- the author talks about running with purpose [this may be metaphorically, but he mentions those that train and compete in organized games] -- talks about discipline.

Hebrews 12:1 -- speaks on running with perseverance the race marked out for us. Take it as you will, but who can argue with a focused determination?

Luke 15:20 -- the prodigal son's Father runs from a long distance off to embrace his returning son. He ran with heart.

So, can I learn anything from the Bible about running without stretching the message? I'll try.

1. Gen -- Run away and Stay clear of shady situations. Use your head and don't fall into temptations of doubt, negativity, and laziness.

2. 1 Kings -- If someone is trying to kill you - RUN as fast and far as you can. Fight or Flight baby.

3. 1 Cor -- Run with discipline. Guys in that time trained just as hard so that they could win the prize - they were clear headed, disciplined, and had one purpose in mind - succeed. It was the same with what the author was saying - Stay true to your committment and spread that which you believe in.

4. Heb -- run with perseverance. simply put.

5. Luke -- don't give up, dont' give in, and embrace that which you have been given.

There you have it. I think it was a success. Despite what you believe in - this is a good message :)


Let's do a trade! Motivational Mania

here's the deal.

Three of the four walls in my gym are pretty bare. I want stuff on them and I'm coming to you for help. I am looking for multiple people to decorate my gym walls with motivational quotes, phrases, and awesomeness. This would mean that you would take a posterboard or something like that and create a motivational masterpiece with your favorite quote (clean please), phrase, or some form of awesomeness so that I can continue to make my gym the best.

...I don't want you to be without though and so I would also send something back to you for helping me out. As to what that is -- still not sure, but I imagine that it'll be something beneficial to your workouts.

I had this idea last night and wanted to post about it yesterday, but figured I could wait until today.

So, do you want to do a trade?


Home Gyms. Pics. what would you do?

Guest room makes perfect gym.

I have been building up my home gym, but I haven't accomplished very much. This guest bedroom has taken on many roles among housing our workout equipment. I am looking for some more equipment locally and on craigslist but haven't found any good deals. I want to make it where I don't have to go to the Y for an actual gym. I'm getting closer and I have the space for it, so why not? Here are some pics of my growing gym space --- any ideas for more things to put in there?

What is a MUST HAVE if you were turn a room into a home gym at your house?


i ran. i jogged. i vlogged. i conquered.

This is my first attempt at vlogging. I recorded different parts of my run today. It was pretty interesting to do this. I had never done this before and I thought it was kind of cool. I've got an iphone now and I'm pretty impressed with the video quality. Be kind on my first vlog video taking.

here we go.


Believe it - you are more than your limitations!

I'm a youth minister. I have a pretty good gig. I get to do fun things, don't have to dress up, and get to be myself. One thing that comes with this job is that I have meetings every now and then with other leadership and reasons. A couple of nights ago I had a meeting and we were trying to come up with a name for a campaign we are about to embark on.

You surely understand the 'come up with a good name' complex. Didn't we all have one before we got into blogging? Obviously, it was to do with our church and someone had offered a name and the reason behind his suggestion was...."more than just a meeting place".

I liked it. I think I liked that phrase moreso than the name b/c it is more than just a meeting place. It got me thinking about other things.

Especially this time of year, people realize that they aren't as fit as they once were, thought, or dreamed of. It's a rough time of the year for many people b/c they realize that all of the past decisions when it comes to health have taken effect on their body w/o them realizing it.

Probably one of the most commonly used phrases is..."I don't remember it being this hard"...or..."I use to be able to do this no problem"...or..."ouch".

People find their instant limitations and they become afraid of the hard work, dedication, and time that is needed to be put into themselves to get where they want to go. I feel blessed that I didn't give in to that way of thinking. I know for sure that I said those very same phrases and it was scary when I realized that I couldn't run a mile if I needed too. But we are more than those limitations.

I know a woman that is 32 and had a mini-stroke a few days ago. They found an artery fully blocked, but this happened a long time ago. Instead of it having an effect on her body, another artery just picked up the slack and grew to the size that it needed to in order to do the job of both vessels. Our bodies are capable of doing so much more than what we think they are.

Watch this guy and see the limitations that he overcame. We are more than our limitations and when we believe that - we will see that in our daily lives.


2011 Goals List.

I am very resolute with accomplishing my goals list this year! Last year I set a goal to reach 1010 miles in 2010 -- I didn't make that goal, but I lost a butt load of weight trying to reach it. This year, I have a new set of goals.

Before I do post my new goals, I want to direct you to my achievements in 2010. Go here to see the list.

It was a great year in many ways! I set a goal to run 3 5ks. Well, I ran many more than that and placed in a few of them. There is nothing like getting medals after running in a race! I also completed my first 10k race in which I finished in 55 minutes something. I enjoyed it!

Here are my 2011 Fitness Goals:
  • Travel by foot 750 miles and bike at least 250 miles. This can be walking/jogging/running -- as long as I get it done.
  • Reach Goal weight of 170 lbs. It didn't happen last year, but it's not that far away!
  • Run in at least 10 different races with 2 races being over 13 miles.
  • Have my weight loss challenges go over 1000 total lbs lost!

Here are my 2011 non-fitness goals:

I'm sure there are plenty other things that I want to accomplish in 2011, but they'll will come as time goes.

I want to thank you all for encouraging me this past year -- you were a huge reason why I was successful!

What are your Goals for 2011?!