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Home Gyms. Pics. what would you do?

Guest room makes perfect gym.

I have been building up my home gym, but I haven't accomplished very much. This guest bedroom has taken on many roles among housing our workout equipment. I am looking for some more equipment locally and on craigslist but haven't found any good deals. I want to make it where I don't have to go to the Y for an actual gym. I'm getting closer and I have the space for it, so why not? Here are some pics of my growing gym space --- any ideas for more things to put in there?

What is a MUST HAVE if you were turn a room into a home gym at your house?


Jeremy Logsdon said...

Add some dumbbells and you'll be coming along nicely. :)

Seth said...

@ Jeremy - I've got some curling bars w/weights, but dumbbells are soo expensive. I've got to wait for a deal.

Tonyne @ Unlikely Success Story said...

A treadmill would be top of my list, but I see you have that. :) Looking good! I really want to do this at our house but I'm still trying to sell the husband on it. :)

Stronger.Faster. said...

Hmmm... you should frame before and after photos of you as a reminder how great you are doing... then you should ALSO put pics up of you running races and whoever your fitness hero might be (k so I have one... I just assume everyone has one). Also, maybe something to make it a calm area, something that you can focus on or just keep you relaxed.

i would have to have a treadmill, and a zen yoga space. Not that I practice any zen things, but it seems like an appropriate word for relaxing. I want my workoutspace to be free from stress! Plus an excersize ball and free weights!

So i loved this post. Thanks for sharing!

Patsy said...

Would LOVE a treadmill here, but don't have the space (or money!)

One thing I'd recommend (and I see someone else has beaten me to it) are a range of different free weights for targetting all areas of the body. For example, I can do squats with far heavier free weights than I can press! They're definitely not a 'one size fits all'!

S said...

Currently I'm redoing my home gym..
I'd hit up Craigslist and find
Olympic Free Weights (Easy to find)
Adjustable Dumbbells (Harder to find)
Adjustable Bench (Easy to find)
Power Rack (These go quickly)

I've built my own suspension trainer from this LINK

Jump Rope

Matthew said...

If I had room to make a gym in my home I would have these things:

Stationary Bike
Adjustable Bench
Barbell and Weights
Kettle bell

Basically everything that would do when I had access to a local gym/Y involved only a bench, barbell, dumbbells, bike, and treadmill.