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i ran. i jogged. i vlogged. i conquered.

This is my first attempt at vlogging. I recorded different parts of my run today. It was pretty interesting to do this. I had never done this before and I thought it was kind of cool. I've got an iphone now and I'm pretty impressed with the video quality. Be kind on my first vlog video taking.

here we go.


Stronger.Faster. said...

haha i watched the whole thing! i havent been able to run outside since it got cold outside and they shut the park bathrooms down - yep its a pregnancy thing to need the bathroom that often. BUT I'm glad I got to enjoy the outside on a run through a video! Im still keeping it up on the treadmill.

do you have cold weather gear? I got some on sale last year and I wouldnt go outside under 35 degrees without them. Nikes are amazing and I know my dad likes them too. There is a NIKE outlet in warrenton that has some different cooler weather geal on sale right now... if you are close to that :)

Syl said...

great work Seth, loved the video!
I had to look up your fahrenheit to convert to my celcius and it works out to about -2 where I'm from. This is a great temp for me to run at in the winter, we normally hit -10 your temps at winter, and that's a mild winter ;-).
Funny how one person's cold weather is another's "warm day".
I know what you mean about the lungs though, it's much harder running out doors in cooler temps.
But I bet you felt great for getting out there!

Tonyne @ Unlikely Success Story said...

Great vlog! Thanks for taking us along on your run! I did a race one time 26 degrees it was miserable! On the coast too so the air was full of moisture. I did PR though. :)