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Let's do a trade! Motivational Mania

here's the deal.

Three of the four walls in my gym are pretty bare. I want stuff on them and I'm coming to you for help. I am looking for multiple people to decorate my gym walls with motivational quotes, phrases, and awesomeness. This would mean that you would take a posterboard or something like that and create a motivational masterpiece with your favorite quote (clean please), phrase, or some form of awesomeness so that I can continue to make my gym the best.

...I don't want you to be without though and so I would also send something back to you for helping me out. As to what that is -- still not sure, but I imagine that it'll be something beneficial to your workouts.

I had this idea last night and wanted to post about it yesterday, but figured I could wait until today.

So, do you want to do a trade?


Syl said...

I am not artistic at all but wanted to share with you my favorites...

My all time favorite quote is as follows:
One day you may not be able to do this, TODAY IS NOT THE DAY!

another one is

You are much stronger than you think you are

and lastly

RUN when you can,
WALK when you have to,
CRAWL if you must,

Morgan said...

I love this idea!!! I am on it! Of course, to send you anything, I will need your mailing address.

Seth said...

@Morgan - email me at styler [at] cccb [dot] edu

Christine said...

I think I may have to do this...I need to get back to drawing anyways....I'll tell you when I have finished and you can give me your addy. What a good idea anyways.