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Racing is on my Mind. It's worth it.

I've got the itch to go race!

I doubt my times would be much to brag about, or even mention, but it kicked in yesterday - it's racing season. I've only had one race so far this year and it was a virtual 5k. I enjoyed the virtual 5k, but it lacked in some areas. While there were other people doing it - there were... runners in the distance to catch up to. finish line with people standing around and cheering. one to take either my number or official timing at the finish line. old people that I thought shouldn't have beaten me that did :) race swag number to post on my wall medal presentations other exhausted people to talk about the race with sometimes ugly race t-shirts (I think this is the only time we really accept ugly t-shirts and are happy about them)

I miss the atmosphere of racing. I miss the comradery that is associated with it.

It's kicked in though. I found a 5k this upcoming Saturday. My wife and I are to go pick up some friends from the airport in Springfield, MO on Saturday - so we will leave early in the morning to go do this race and leave in time from the race to go pick our friends up.

You may ask yourself?

Is it worth it to leave extra early and drive 30 minutes out of your way to go run in a race?

It is worth it.

Even if you can only walk - go participate in a race. It's addicting and exhilirating. Once you find that you can complete something - you're hooked.


The Snow is back and my 200th POST!

and the snow is back...

I knew there was a chance for the snow to return, but I am never ready for it. I am not a fan of cold weather, snow, and/or ice; pretty much a fan of anything except for winter. I woke up this morning only to have my wife come and tell me to look out the window. I knew it had snowed...and it was snowing even more.

this is what the last snow storm did for us.

Oh well. What can a guy that only enjoys running outside do when the weather gets in the way? I'll pray for it to stop and hide out inside with the treadmill or go to the YMCA.

Speaking of YMCA - I cancelled my membership [to take affect on April 14th] b/c I was not getting my money's worth. I am an outside worker-outer-type-of-guy.

Give me a road, some running shoes, and some music and let me be.

I will figure something out for my workout today. Can I just say that my last post was about great weather, which for me is conducive to great running. On the brighter side, it's suppose to be 50's or 60's tomorrow and 70's the next day. Gotta love Missouri weather.

Another bright note to Fit With a Purpose -- this is my 200th POST! I can't believe that I stuck around this long to have written 200 different posts. I am very thankful to all that have encouraged me to keep it up. Thanks for all the help!


great weather means great running

We have been having some great weather as of late here in Missouri. You never know what to expect with the weather around here. Not too long ago we had 20+ inches of snow and now we have 60 degree weather in the forcast for the next week; only to be followed up by more snow maybe. As the snow may come later, I am getting as much of this awesome weather while I can. I have started the training for the Half marathon that I am to do with my friend in mid-June.

I hadn't run in about 3 weeks due to business, life, cold weather -- whatever the reason -- and did so a few days ago and...can i just say - getting back at it isn't any fun. I love running. I love the outdoors. I love the fresh air.

That day. I was sucking the air pretty badly.

I'm getting back to the normal though. I've been trying to do more of a cross training type of workouts with my bike and running on opposite days. Tonight, I will be doing the Abs workout of p90x and some pushups. I need to strengthen my core!

Well, that is what's been going on lately. I know my posts aren't as often, but thanks for reading when they are here.