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Morning time: I'm loving it!

I bet you thought the post was about McD's. It's not.

I'm trying to form a new habit and McD's is not it.

On Saturday, my wife woke up at 4 am not feeling well (probably didn't help that she ate a 6" sub at 10:00pm) and woke me up too. I already struggled to get to sleep (probably b/c I ate a 6" sub at 10:00pm), but I was up for the day! Saturday was a big day and I had a lot to do - (I'm a youth minister and had put together a HUGE Easter egg hunt (3000 eggs huge) and my mind wouldn't let me go back to sleep thinking about it. I did not fill all of hose eggs though -- everyone chipped in and it was mostly the youth group.

Anyways, I was up that morning at 4 and out of bed at 5. I have to admit it - I liked it! I liked having had a bunch of stuff done by 8am.

I've decided that I'm gonna try to get up between 5 & 6am daily. I'm on day 3! The is BIG b/c I am typically not a morning person. I'm gonna finish up this blog post and get on the treadmill a little bit, shower, eat breakfast, and have time tIme to rest before going into the church!

I do have to admit - I feel like an old person being up-and-attem this early.

Enjoy your day!


Let's do a Giveaway! Race Results

Let's get to it!

I'm going to do a giveaway! I've got a $20 Subway gift card to give away this Friday @ 8:00pm to someone.

How do you get entered into the giveaway?!

Three ways to enter. Follow Fit With a Purpose and comment me telling me that you now do. Comment below saying that you want in on the giveaway! Also, tell other people to come and sign into the giveaway! If they say that they were sent my way by you - they get entered and you get another entry!

There's been a lot going in my world!

1. We've got a baby coming of course in November.

2. I am scheduled to run my first half-marathon in June on the 11th.

I was planning on running one with my friend from Germany while he is back in the states, but we were unable to get that worked out and will be running a 10k together in Illinois.

3. I'm going to be starting a new weight loss challenge this upcoming week! It is going to be $5 to enter this time and the winner will receive a 1 yr subscription to a fitness magazine and rest of entry fee. Details to be worked out still.


A couple weeks ago I ran in my first official 5k this year and placed 2nd in my age division. It was the hilliest course ever.

I don't have a picture right now of it, but maybe I can find one on the camera.

Again, giveaway entrees start today!!!! Enter and tell your friends!


So, as you know - my life will be completely different come November. It seems as if it is already so much different with all the planning and such. Carol and I started out this year attempting to simplify our lifestyle and to put ourselves In the best financial position we could to save money and make our dollar go the longest way it can. We've nearly cut our monthly expenses by 300 dollars/month by doing that. It's been a trial and error but we are still on track to cut it more. We know the baby will cost quite a bit but that was one of the reasons in cutting so much extra - things work out in time.

While my focus has been on that - it has not been so much on losing weight. I have gained about 5 lbs. I have a goal of hitting my ideal weight by november. That is 20-25 lbs to lose. Plenty of time to do it, I just have to do it. I'm gonna start posting my weight again for the accountability - I rely on you to help and encourage... Please keep it coming.

That is all! Thanks bloggers!


I'm gonna be a dad!

All I want to post today is that the news is public now...

I'm going to be a dad!

So excited, a little scared, but excited!