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Confession and some confidence


It has been difficult to get where I was in my running program. I guess I can't say that I had a program begin with. I am more of an amateur runner and would just run to run - in fact us amateurs pay to run in a race just to finish it. Anyways, it's been difficult. This week I have struggled with the commitment I've made to run a half-marathon in just five weeks. Granted, if I was a brand new runner and not conditioned for long distances in the least bit - I wouldn't have chosen such a date so close. This race though is not going to be crowded, it's cheap (only $30), and it sounds like good race swag.

Tonight was a confidence booster though. I'm a youth minister and sometimes part of my job consists of youth events, like lock-ins. We had one Friday night up until this morning. I was beat. I tried to sleep but of course when you need the best sleep - everything prevents it. That was true today. I kept falling asleep all day just to be awakened by something else. With all that said, I still found it in me to go get my long run in tonight at 9:30pm in the dark. I didn't run all of it but ran 4/5 of it at an okay pace. I did it though - I followed through again and that definitely built my confidence up.

That's what I needed


Molly said...

I was just talking to someone about training for a half and we talked about how people over train. I believe that I true- I'm sick of training by the time my race date comes. You have a great base - just keep pushing and you'll do great. You have plenty of time. Nice to see you back!

Shane said...

Good to see you back and posting again , I recently came back to posting myself. You did so well with your running before, I am sure you will get back to where you want to be.