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Half Training - Day 10 of 35. B&B Smoothie

Today is a rest/cross train day for my half training. I am 10 days into my 35 day training plan. I can't believe that it is only 35 day training plan. I don't like putting it that way.

Maybe this will sound better: I am into the beginning of my 2nd week of my 5 week Half training plan.

That sounds better!

Anyways, today was the cross train and I thought I would just get out and take a few laps around the local high school track again. I think what is key for me for this Half is to get the endurance built back up. I'm not too worried about speed/time because I am not expecting to have a great time. I have my own goals in my head and I won't be announcing those, but this is my very first Half-Marathon so anything will be a PR!

I know it's not cross training to go out and get some more miles, but it worked today. I ended up doing 2 3/4 miles at 10'15" pace.

I came home to find that my pregnant wife had made some oatmeal cookies. I had one - and they were the best oatmeal cookies that she has ever made! But I limited it to one because I needed my recovery drink. I am not a pretty picture take when it comes to drinks or food - so you get the aerial view of my Berry & Banana Smoothie!

Mixed Berry & Banana Smoothie

Frozen Mixed Berries
1 Medium Banana
Plain Yogurt
Agava Nectar
Skim Milk
(optional: spoonful of vanilla ice cream)

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