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Run. Rest. Basketball. Evaluate. Run. Pleasure. Pumpkin Spice.

Yesterday was day two of my training and it was a 3 mile easy run. I decided to do the run at the track in the evening - 7:30pm when it's cooler [80 degrees]. I haven't run on a track very much at all. While I found the running not to be that bad, it was completely monotonous. I found it hard to keep track of lap count. Anyhow, I completed my run and could see a storm coming in the distance, it was pretty cool to see the lightening just in the clouds.

I came home and ate a wonderful Berry Banana Smoothie - so good. Bananas are good for muscles and cramps right?!

I woke myself, and my wife, up in pain due to a killer calf cramp. It was a painful one. Luckily, today is a Rest/XT day in the half-marathon training program. It has felt better as the day continues.

With a sore leg and a busy mind due to an evaluation tonight from my employers - I needed something to get my mind focused and my leg stretched out.

Our local community center has a gym and it is cost-free so I went down and played some basketball for about an 1 1/2 hours or more to give my leg some stretching. Tomorrow is another 3 miler and I think my leg will be fine. I will do plenty of stretching before and after the run. I find it so much easier to do what needs to get done, in terms of working out and such, when there is a goal that you're shooting for.

I like runs that have the sole purpose of pleasure, but having something that you are aiming for really kicks you in gear.

After my evaluation - I'm gonna come home and my wife is going to make me a Pumpkin Spice latte - I'm so ready for it now!

Take care!

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@Ly$$@ said...

Carol can make a pumpkin latte?!?!?!? Tell me more!