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Sept 24. 2011. Half Marathon is Happenin

So, I've committed to doing a Half Marathon which is on September 24th, 2011 in Fort Scott, Kansas.

This will be my first half-marathon and it's kind of crazy to think about because I haven't really been training. I have increased my activity by a great amount, except for vacation last week :/

I've gone on a few runs and have been playing ball at the local community center. It's good to be back in it - the physical activity of everything anyways.

That Half-marathon is just 5 weeks away. That means in 5 weeks I will be running 13.1 miles. To be honest, I don't know if I'll run all 13.1 miles of it, probably not, but I will be able to check that off of my list of things that I wanted to accomplish this year.

It is the 1st half marathon that this place will be putting on so I am unsure of what to expect. It is a gradual downhill run except for the hill at the finish. So, we'll run downhill for quite some time, probably won't even realize we are, and then climb back up it at the finish. I have modified a Runner's World half training program to make it work during this short training period. I have been running for some time now that I think this will work for me. I'm not running for time, especially since I have not been training for a long time for it, but to finish. I have 3 hours to finish the 13.1 miles - so my goal is to finish.

If you think about it - how many people can really say that they have ocmpleted a Half-Marathon?

I can't yet, but hope to be able to soon.

Here's my plan:


Lisa said...

best wishes! enjoy the experience. :-)

ashley (redonk runner) said...

Very exciting!!!! 13.1 is my FAAAVE race distance. And sept 24 is my bday so I'm very jealous since I don't get to race that day cause I'll be travelling :)

The Lowes said...

Hey enjoy it! I loved my first Half Marathon... you might surprise yourself with how fast you go! My piece of advice... drink water/Gatorade with every mile! The race I participated in had water every mile and Gatorade every 3 miles. It helped me stay hydrated the entire time.

Also, use a restroom if there is no line :)


Christine said...

good luck seth! I know you can do it.