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Steak Picnic. Self-Doubt. 3D imaging of Baby Boy

Today, I didn't do a whole lot. It was in fact a holiday and all - so why would I?!

It was a good day though today. I think I ate more than I should, but that's done with so no fretting about that. My wife and I thought that it would be a good opportunity, being a gorgeous day, to go to the park and cook-out. We figured that it'd be pretty busy there and that the shelters would be rented out, but when we got there -- it was just us. It was nice.

It wasn't a regular picnic either - we thought we'd grill steaks and corn on the cob. That's how we roll. I found a REALLY good dry rub recipe for the steaks and after getting the grill worked up just right (in the not-to-helpful wind), everything cooked beautifully. I think the steaks may have been the best ones that I have ever made, so flavorful!

Anyways, the food was really good and the weather was pretty awesome! That's always a positive.

After eating such an awesome meal - I hadn't fogotten that I still had my run to do today. I had to wear a long sleeve shirt for this run! It's strange that a couple days ago - it was 90 degrees in the evening and tonight, after I finished my run - it was barely 60 degrees. I did enjoy the cool air.

I decided to do more speedwork for a mental push tonight. The schedule said 3 miles, but in the back of my head - I know that I need speed work and I really am not fond of distances over 2 miles on the track. Being that it was so late and dark, I just went down to the high school track for my run.

Tonight's run was pretty good though. Even though I didn't go all that far on the track - there were times on the track when I just wanted to stop.

ONE thing that I need to work on is getting past the 'wanting to stop' mentallity and so what I did was...of course, I sped up the pace. I needed to show myself that I can maintain a faster pace than what I'm doing.

This Half Marathon is starting to play with my mind. I KNOW THAT I CAN DO IT, but I keep doubting myself. I keep thinking about a post I once wrote talking about Self-Doubt killing the Runner.

The funny thing is about the past 'Self-Doubt' post is that I was training for a half-marathon then too, just shy of a year ago (had to settle for the 10k due to move).

I was proud of that 10 mile run - it took a lot out of me to do it. I know that I don't need a ten mile run for me to believe that I can run this Half Marathon on the 24th, but mentally, as I said before - I need to be at a better place to enjoy the race and not just fear it.

That's what I'm working on...and some more RunArt. I've worked up Wednesday's run already - and it is probably the coolest run I'll have taken up to that point. I'm ready for Wednesday's run!

This has nothing to do with running - but definately with my life. I think I may have my hands full with our first child due in November.

Would you say that he wasn't too fond of getting his picture taken??


Syl said...

sounds like a great day! Great work on the run!
Cute picture ;-)

Christine said...

Sounds like a lovely day...and the picture is worth a thousand words. Congrats to you again. Children are a blessing.

Floriana said...

What a nice family day at the park you had. The baby pic is hilarious. This must be just a teaser on all the fun times you and your wife will have with him :)

❀❀ Dawn (Lay Down My Idols) ❀❀ said...

LOVE the ultrasound pic! Exciting too! :)