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Let's do a trade! Motivational Mania

here's the deal.

Three of the four walls in my gym are pretty bare. I want stuff on them and I'm coming to you for help. I am looking for multiple people to decorate my gym walls with motivational quotes, phrases, and awesomeness. This would mean that you would take a posterboard or something like that and create a motivational masterpiece with your favorite quote (clean please), phrase, or some form of awesomeness so that I can continue to make my gym the best.

...I don't want you to be without though and so I would also send something back to you for helping me out. As to what that is -- still not sure, but I imagine that it'll be something beneficial to your workouts.

I had this idea last night and wanted to post about it yesterday, but figured I could wait until today.

So, do you want to do a trade?