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Running Playlist

Two days in a row of blogging?!! 28 more and it's a habit right!

I went out and tackled the Missouri 95 degree weather (heat index 103), of course with my Imitation camelback. It was hot and I walked probably half of it, but it was nice not worrying about distance! I just went to get healthier. Besides that, I wanted to include my running playlist today below.

The Almost - 'Monster Monster'
Lyricist - 'Money' (this guy has sold out on his new stuff)
For Today - 'Never Lose Sight'
The Almost - 'Stop It'
LeCrae - ''Walking on Water'
Group 1crew - 'Lean on Me'
LeCrae - 'Transfomers'
TFK - 'Rawkfist'
Group1Crew - 'love is a beautiful thing'
Switchfoot - 'Mess of Me'
Flame - 'Move'
Trip Lee - 'The Invasion'

Check these out if you have time!