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Run Art. Check it out!

Hey All!

Great News! I found time to create a picture.

I know that doesn't sound like great news, but this picture was on approximately 5.2 miles of canvas ---- called road.

I was reading a blog the other day, and I cannot remember the name of the blog :/ , trying to find something inspiring towards running and such, something that I think is pretty typical of runners that want something new to do.

Anyways, I read of a guy that ran a route that when looked at from the aerial map view, it looked like the Apple symbol in honor of the now retired Steve Jobs. I thought that was pretty awesome and am pretty turned onto this idea. I don't know what it is called in other circles (and I'm sure it's popular in other places), but I'm calling it "Run Art". I have to admit that it is pretty FUN and gets you excited for your run! You should really try it. I have already mapped out my long run for my HALF TRAINING for tomorrow and I think you'll like it!

Check out what my run today looked like.

It takes time to map out, but makes your run seem shorter for some reason

What are some ways that you make your runs fun?!