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Run Art -"BuckTooth" and getting up early

I got up before 7am on a Saturday morning for what reason?! To run.

I don't think I've been up that early on a Saturday in a long time! Actually, It's not too often that I'm up before 7am on a weekday. Yes, I am lucky that I don't have to be in the office until 9am. Thankful for that! I have tried these past two weeks to get up earlier and make better use of my time than just sleep (of course I try to get adequate sleep, that's the best thing for a run!). I've been doing better - and today definately helped.

I get up, the sun peering through the windows at just the right angle that lit up a portion of the room. I didn't know that the sun peered through the windows in the morning like that. It really was weird. I looked around to see if my wife had turned a light on. As said, I'm not usually up before the sun so things are new to me at this hour!

Anyways, I made coffee and ate a banana and also some honey on a piece of bread for my pre-run fuel. Didn't forget to get some water in me either. I can't eat much before a run in the morning - totally slows me down. I had laid my clothes out to help with the motivation the night before which helped.

So, as with the theme of yesterday's post - I set out to attack my Run Art, my new running thing. I had mapped this out on mapmyrun yesterday so that I could run/paint it this morning. My long run was suppose to be 8 miles today, but this creation only took me 7.79 miles. I'll take it. This is my longest run of the year. I originally had created only the face, but when I got out there - I went for a body too...freestyle.

Meet BuckTooth

I ran the first 7 and walked the body portion of BuckTooth. I was done with my run before 9:30 came around.

It's weird to have accomplished so much before 9:30 on a Saturday. It happened though.

Anyways, I will have more Run Art creations posted as I do them. They are a super way to make running fun. They really aren't for you if you are going for time, but if you are going for mileage and want something different -- this is for you.

If you are on - hit me up: you can find me by searching MistrTyler.