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Run Art - FIDO the dog. Almost hit by car.

I don't have a lot of time to blog so let's get to the point.

Yesterday, I was super busy and didn't get to run. So busy in fact, that I forgot and missed a meeting - oops!

I was so excited to post my latest RUN ART and didn't get to yesterday - I didn't even get to run it. BUT today I did get to!

So, here goes it - This is my Run Art of "FIDO", the road dog.

FIDO covered almost 6 miles of road canvas. I went ahead and finished the .2 miles to make it an even 6 miles. I ran it in 58 minutes. Slow, but getting to my old form!

Also, some idiot almost hit me with their car when they ran a stop sign. Thank you God for quick reflexes and the ability to jump when I need to. Whew! Very close.