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Its more than just a run...

There is a huge difference between those that are “running to get in shape”, “running because everyone else is doing it”, or even “runners who only go for medals” – they all differ from the runner who runs simply because he/she loves running.

There is a connection from the other “categories” I put down to those that simply love running, but it takes time to get to that point I think.

I think I get lost sometimes. I started out running because I was fat, out of shape, and due to an ankle break – I was itching to do some kind of activity and running was the only thing that my newly healed ankle would do. It was then that I learned of my love for running. I am re-living that ankle thing right now with a 3rd degree sprain. I am so close to be able to get to a light jog though - I can't wait!

Running may seem pointless to some. I've heard it said, "why run, you're not going anywhere!". That's not always true, but when you do go out to run and end back up at the spot you left from - all you did was run, right?!

Wrong! It's more than just a run.

I don't know how many times I have solved problems, came up with awesome ideas, and even written a blog post out in my head when I'm on a run. There's also those times where you... [this is going to sound a bit tree-hugger like]... feel one with the outdoors. There can be cars going by you or people in your way on the sidewalk [if you run on sidewalks, I don't typically], but still you can see the world with a different perspective. Maybe it's because I'm going at a slower pace than when I'm in a car.

Being outdoors opens you up to creativity, but that is still not my point.

I run because I love to do it. Of course I enjoy the occasional medal, the race swag, the commradery, but even without it - running is freeing.

It is hard work, but so are most things that I encounter on a day-to-day basis. It takes time, but so does watching t.v. or playing xbox360. It requires discipline, however, running may have taught me discipline.

Now that I'm this far in the post - I don't even know if I've made sense, let alone make any point.

So here is my point.

Running for me, and probably some of you, is more than just "going out for a run". It's a time for me to think, create and learn. By the time I get back from my run, no matter the distance, I have accomplished something for the day already. Most people feel as if they accomplish nothing day-in-day-out - not the runner. Running exercises not just the body, but the whole self. Discipline, positive self-image and thoughts, follow-through & execution, a sense of accomplishment, self-perspective, the ability to push yourself past pre-set limitations, and an ability to listen to your body -- these are all benefits of running.

It may be scary for some of you though, running in many cases - is a solo activity. It may require you to be alone with yourself. Some people are probably more scared of being alone with themself than the actually running part. In those times though, knowing and figuring out who you are can lead you to discovering who you can and were meant to be.

So, while some may say it's nothing more than a run - it's actually much more than a run. As cliche' as this may sound...

It's more than just a run, it's a way of life.

I cannot wait to get back to running. So, until I come up with some more running and fitness posts - I will provide my life posts.

Here is the cutest little boy I've ever seen...and yes, he's mine :)