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Exercising. Walking. Losing. Trader Joes.

I have been pretty excited about being able to go to the Y and get some fitness on. It had been so long and it feels great to be able to do that. Since the 3rd degree ankle sprain which was followed by the ginormous kidney stone - I was out of whack on my fitness.

So, to continue my rehabilitation of my ankle - I have been hitting the eliptical. Mind you, that happened in October and just last week I started the exercising again. It had been quite some time. So, what I've been doing is re-introducing myself to longer periods of movement. Just 2 - 3 weeks before my ankle ordeal I ran a Half Marathon. My body was used to the longer distances of continuous movement and that is what I'm trying to get back to. So - onward and forward.

I've also been walking at the beginning and end of each workout to further progress my progress. It's nice to be moving freely!

Losing. yes, I'm a loser.

I've been losing weight in an awesome fashion. Since knowing I had a kidney stone - I changed my diet to a preventative type of diet for kidney stones. In another post, I'll tell you what exactly I am doing, but for now - know that I am losing and it's in a crazy healthy way! No pills, no extras - just discipline and hard work.

Lastly, I love Trader Joes. I had never been to a TJ's before a couple weeks ago and the prices were reasonable and they had the stuff that we wanted that other "Super"centers did not.

So, There ya go. keep moving and stay focused people!

this is my latest challenge upload photo

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