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This is why I like running. Eyes are open.

I ended up going for a run yesterday evening after my meeting. No excuses right?!  I was surprised when I got out of the meeting and that it had only lasted 45 minutes.  Those aren't the meetings that I'm used to.  I loved it.  There was daylight still to run in and quite a bit of it.

So I ran.  I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but that was the first time that I went out for a run in a long time.  I've been playing a lot of sports like tennis, volleyball, and basketball weekly - but going for a run hadn't happened.  It felt good to be out.  I stopped by an outdoor basketball court at the park and it is a tough crowd.  I don't mind the toughness.  I don't talk a big game, I just play.  Unfornately, I didn't get to play though.  There were a ton of guys, and a few girls, out there but I can tell that it's a "you gotta earn the respect by the regulars before you play much" type of environment.  I'm game with that - like I said, I let my game talk for itself rather than my mouth.  I like that moment when guys size me up and then get burnt by me - it's an instant show of respect when they play you tighter.  It's also a way into their lives.

My job is all about making relationships with people.  I'm a minister and I believe that showing people that someone cares about them, despite who they are and what they've done, that's when they may change their lives for the better.  They might think it's just a basketball game, but the basketball game just broke down the barrier between two very different lives.  There is a common ground and even if nothing ever grew beyond the common ground of sports - two very different people found a way to interact in a positive form rather than filled with negativity.  I don't like that they may have just smoked weed in the car in the parking lot, I may not like that they used the f*bomb four different ways in one sentence, and I may not like the choices that they make; that doesn't change the fact that they are still human and are capable of making good decisions when invested into.

My plan isn't to pry into lives or go change everyone to fit my view of a solid life, but to invest into people.  Right now - that way to invest into people at that basketball court is to keep my mouth shut and to play pick-up basketball.  It's happened before and maybe some day I'll have another opportunity to positively invest into someone that I've played basketball with and encourage them to better themselves in all facets of life.  I'd say that's a pretty cool way to break down walls between what may be a variety of different cultures.

Isn't that what we are trying to do with this whole health journey?  We're trying to better ourselves and today I'm challenging myself, from here on out, to seek out opportunities to encourage others while trying to better myself as well. 

I'm human.  You're human. 

Why can't we better ourselves together?

I'd say that was a good first, eye-opening, run.


Christine said...

lovely post seth. We need more preachers like you.

Andy said...
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