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A Running Guide for the Overweight Runner

There is a man that runs around my town all of the time carrying himself with no evidence of being tired. You may see him out at the park r...


Sometimes you need to be reminded

There are those times that you just need to be reminded about how far you've come. 

I am reminded.


Evolution of Blogging

I think my blog is going to be going through a transitional phase.  It will still be Fit with a Purpose but it may be having a more equal portion of Purpose rather than all Fit.

that's all.


Insanity Day 1 Fit Test. After Dark 5k.

So, I did Insanity Day 1 today. I did the Fit Test and it kicked my butt!

I felt like I started out hard but I barely had anything to finish. I get that's what it is suppose to be like. I just hate to run out of energy.

If you look to the right sidebar of the site you will see a shoutout to Kerri for her sharing of awesomeness (in the form of Insanity). Go check out her site and follow her too!

I do, however, feel pretty good right now even after I was exhausted this morning. My legs are a little sore but I believe that to be from the other night at basketball. We had some good competition! Here are my results for Day 1!

1. Switch Kicks = 75
2. Power Jacks = 30
3. Power Knees = 60
4. Power Jumps = 25
5. Globe Jumps = 5 (20 floor-to-sky jumps all together)
6. Suicide Jumps= 6
7. Push-Up Jacks= 15
8. Low P Oblique= 34

I feel good about the first day fit test. I would've liked to have produced better numbers but I am doing this for a reason :)


I don't think I let anyone know that I ran another 5k since the ankle injury. I ran the whole 5k with no stopping and my ankle felt great! I even surged at the end to pass up this girl that had been in front of me for a long time. My first 5k (Lub Dub 5k) since being back at running was a 34:15. This last race, S-C After Dark 5k, I finished in 31:22. That cut 3 minutes off of my first 5k since the ankle injury. I am beginning to feel more at ease with running again and a little like my old running self. I'm hoping that through some running and Insanity that I can get back to my sub 30 runs.

It'll feel good when I do.

Putting on Glowsticks!
I love signs!  I can't wait until Blake can write his own!
A group of friends that I ran with - this was before the race.
Some friends after the race!