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Insanity Day 1 Fit Test. After Dark 5k.

So, I did Insanity Day 1 today. I did the Fit Test and it kicked my butt!

I felt like I started out hard but I barely had anything to finish. I get that's what it is suppose to be like. I just hate to run out of energy.

If you look to the right sidebar of the site you will see a shoutout to Kerri for her sharing of awesomeness (in the form of Insanity). Go check out her site and follow her too!

I do, however, feel pretty good right now even after I was exhausted this morning. My legs are a little sore but I believe that to be from the other night at basketball. We had some good competition! Here are my results for Day 1!

1. Switch Kicks = 75
2. Power Jacks = 30
3. Power Knees = 60
4. Power Jumps = 25
5. Globe Jumps = 5 (20 floor-to-sky jumps all together)
6. Suicide Jumps= 6
7. Push-Up Jacks= 15
8. Low P Oblique= 34

I feel good about the first day fit test. I would've liked to have produced better numbers but I am doing this for a reason :)


I don't think I let anyone know that I ran another 5k since the ankle injury. I ran the whole 5k with no stopping and my ankle felt great! I even surged at the end to pass up this girl that had been in front of me for a long time. My first 5k (Lub Dub 5k) since being back at running was a 34:15. This last race, S-C After Dark 5k, I finished in 31:22. That cut 3 minutes off of my first 5k since the ankle injury. I am beginning to feel more at ease with running again and a little like my old running self. I'm hoping that through some running and Insanity that I can get back to my sub 30 runs.

It'll feel good when I do.

Putting on Glowsticks!
I love signs!  I can't wait until Blake can write his own!
A group of friends that I ran with - this was before the race.
Some friends after the race! 

1 comment:

Kerri O said...

The fit test kicked my butt too. The plyo disc was always my fav. I think it's the first or second disc.