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A Running Guide for the Overweight Runner

There is a man that runs around my town all of the time carrying himself with no evidence of being tired. You may see him out at the park r...


ID24 and a Friends 100 lb mark video

Insanity Day 24

...did not turn out like I wanted it too.  I had everything set to wake up at 7:00, but when I woke up - I felt terrible.  I didn't have a good night of sleep, I slept wrong [kink in my neck], had a headache.  I decided that it'd be better to do the workout later to maybe be able to sleep the headache off.

Well, I still felt bad when I woke up.  I went in to work and did my thing for the first half of the day.  I went home for lunch and crashed.  I slept for a few hours and did wake up feeling better. 

I did fail to do the workout later in the evening though.  That happens and so I look to make it up on Saturday [rest day] hopefully.

A friend's 100 lb mark.

One thing that I did get to do is make the below video for a friend who has lost 100 lbs. 

He started his weight loss journey with one of my challenges that I host online on Facebook.  He, this past week - went past 100 lbs lost.  It's great and I'm super pumped for him.


ID23 and finally a morning workout

I did it!  I got up on time and did a morning workout. 

It was glorious and beautiful and everything I thought that it would be.  It was if the heavens opened up and angels sang while I swiftly and smoothly performed my workout.


By now you know that that third and fourth sentence is false. 

I did get up on time and did do a morning workout.

It was terrible.  I didn't make it through the whole thing.  While I didn't fail to get up - the workout failed.


ID22 and great services

Insanity Day 22

...was Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs. 

I still can't figure out how those people can do the ab workout straight through.  Some of the moves, and not just in this particular dvd - also the cardio recovery, they just hold the move and go into the next one.  My shoulders and calves are just burning while they have a smile on their face. 

Maybe that 'smile' is actually their grimace.  My grimace face does not look that good if that's the case.

Great Services

Every now and then I have the opportunity to preach at church.  Most of you know that I am a minister but that I work primarily with the youth.  Our Preaching Minister was on vacation and I fill in for him when he is gone. 

Both services I felt went well.  It was a good time of worship and it's nice to leave church inspired each week.  We are blessed to be at a good place.


ID20 and it was good

I've been talking about how much my workouts had dragged all week. 

Not this one.

I felt good.  I felt strong.  I felt powerful.  Of course until the end with the Up, Down, Up, Down, Up, Down.  Those kick my butt every time.

It was a good workout and one that was beneficial to my mental toughness.  I needed a good workout and the Plyometric Cardio Circuit made it happen


Insanity Day 19 workout

Insanity Day 19

This day dragged just like the rest of the week.  The workout was Cardio Power and Resistance.  There is something about this third week that I can't get over.  Every workout has either dragged or I've been just tired all the way through it.  It's not that I'm bored with the workout, but I think more that my brain is telling my body that there may be other things that I could be doing. 

It doesn't help that I didn't work out until 11:00pm again.  I keep saying it, but I really don't want this to be a habit - it does seem to be forming into one. 



ID18 and Fat People Workout DVD

I'm taking a quick break from my writing for work to write this post out.  Sometimes at work I just need to step back and free my brain for a second.  That's what this is since I hadn't posted about ID18 yet.  Later I will post about ID19 during a different break.

Insanity Day 18
...was slightly better than ID17, but dang I just needed some energy.  The Cardio Recovery doens't require a ton amount of energy either but it felt as if it dragged.  The deep stretches are quality during this workout as said before, but the extra 'pulses' they put onto the end of some of the stretches are what was getting me. 

You know what I'd love to see though, a workout dvd of fat people for 60 days of Insanity.  I want them to go from Day 1 to Day 60 [63] so that we can see the results in front of us on the screen.  I would buy that dvd.  I think maybe they need to have three phases of the dvds for sale. 

The first would be the Fat people Dvd.  People of all weights that are able to do the moves to a point and can only get better.  The second would be average people.  People that are considered normal.  The third video would be already fit people.  This is how it already is and it works this way too.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like that the Insanity dvds use fit people and during the workouts on the dvds these people are just as tired as me - but I would like to see the results happen in front of me.  This could be a terrible idea, but it may be a good one too.


ID17 and was dragging

Insanity Day 17

...just dragged out.  I didn't have the energy.  It was Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs and while I completed it and worked hard -- it took everything in me to complete it and give effort to it. 

I was simply dragging.  I'm not sure why either.  I had a day of rest having not did ID16 but still - I was tired.  I did have a good, one of my favorite, meals.  It's a very simple meal and easy to put together but I guess it sat heavy.  That meal being easy burritos.  All it contains is browned hamburger (venison in our case), cheese to be melted onto tortilla, tortilla, picante sauce and sour cream.  That's all it was but it sat heavy and I was barely making it through my workout - which again took place late at night. 

I've tried to give myself two hours from dinner before I workout, but I keep finding myself eating dinner late for whatever reasons which makes my workout late. 

It's an issue with discipline is what it is.  I'll try to get it worked out so I can work out in the morning times.


ID16 didn't happen.

Insanity Day 16

...did not happen.  I was trying to go to bed earlier so I can swap my sleep schedule instead of staying up really late and walking up later to going to bed earlier and waking up earlier.  Didn't happen.  Bummer. 

It was a good day of rest though.

I will have made it up by the end of Insanity though.


Fit Test # 2 RESULTS

Last night I still needed to do the Fit Test #2 so I got ready for the tiring workout and headed over to my church's gymnasium.  I could do the test at home in my workout room, but as I described here, my workout room is next to my son's and I knew I couldn't go all out if I did it there.  I'd shake the whole house jumping around.  It was nice to have the much more solid floor under my feet and I did feel like I did better jumping wise.

The way that I executed this test was by not looking at my results from Fit Test #1.  I took a blank sheet of paper and wrote down the exercises and how many of each that I did without knowing what I did on FT#1.  My method worked as I pushed myself to beat my last results and when I didn't know what they were - I pushed harder.  After the test, I felt like I did well but definitely felt that I didn't do better than the first time.  I would have bet that I did about the same on most workouts. 

I was pleasantly surprised.

Here are my Insanity Fit Test #2 results.

(they say for the Switch Kicks that both legs equals one rep but that's not how they did it on the dvd when they counted [b/c I counted them doing them and they put down single kick count]. 

It was a good workout.  You actually only work out for 8 minutes.  The fit test consists of a warm-up, stretch, 8 one minute workouts, cool down and stretch.  It doesn't take long but if you give everything you've got.  It'll tire you out.

Have a great day!


A day with my little boy.

Today I am watching my son while my wife went to a craft show with a friend.  She really enjoys those types of things and doesn't get out of the house quite as much as I do as she is a stay-at-home mom.  So, right now we are just hanging out in the living room [which is destroyed by toys all over the floor] and watching some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.  Actually, he's looking out the door while I am watching TMNT :)

Today is my rest day for Insanity which completes two weeks.  14 days down and only 49 more [including days off].  I am not planning on doing to much today as it is my rest day, but I like to keep my body relatively loose so that when it comes to the Fit Test tomorrow that I'm not going in completely cold and tight.

That's it for today.


ID13 and 2 weeks of workouts done

Insanity Day 13

..was Pure Cardio and Cardio Abs. 

Up until this point I hadn't had to do the Cardio Abs.  To be honest, I was a little scared of the Cardio abs and for good reason too!  I had done the Pure Cardio a couple of times already but each time they were without the Cardio Abs. 

The reason why I have been a litter eerie about the Cardio Abs is because I did the Ab workout for p90x and it kicked my butt.  Beachbody always puts them at the very end of the workout too.  I assume that it's the best time to do it, but dang - those ab workouts kick my butt.  To be honest, I couldn't even finish the whole thing.  I had to do modifications to be able to complete.  It was a bit more time consuming as there were two workouts to complete but overall - is wasn't too bad.  Still under an hour!


Two Weeks done.

So, two weeks have been done after tomorrow's rest day.  Tomorrow's rest day will probably be a small yoga workout or stretching workout.  I feel like I need to do something on those days just to stay loose.  With two weeks completed, it means that I have Fit Test #2 coming on Sunday.  I'm a little nervous about it simply because I don't know how I'll do.  I want to kill my first Fit Test but we'll see.  I feel like I can but I guess it's always a little nerve-wracking knowing that you are out to beat yourself.


ID12 and the Softball Slide

Insanity Day 12

Day 12 was Cardio Power and Resistance.  This workout got off to a slow start.  I wasn't all the way in it and my legs really weren't feeling it today.  I had just gotten done playing softball a couple hours before which was a double header.  It did get better as the workout got going. 

I have a confession to make.  I don't always go through the warmup three times like they do.  I usually do about 3/4 of the warm-up portion.  I find that it works for me.  I actually had thought about not working out  and using this day as my rest day.  I really was tired from the softball games and it was getting late, but my wife jumped in and said, "but then you'll be mad at yourself for not doing it".  She was right.  I would've regretted not doing it. Especially because after the workout - I thought it was a good one. 

While I was doing the 'Moving Push-ups' I was thinking to myself - "I was struggling doing all of these pushups the first time around" [within the first couple of workouts].  I challenged myself to a certain number of pushups before time was up.  I didn't reach that number but the fact that it is getting easier to be disciplined through the burn is nice.

good workout.


Softball slide

We had a double header in softball and it was also our last two games of the men's league season.  We continued to get better and ended up having some really close games throughout the season, but we only ended up winning one.  I'd say there were three or four games that we lost because the other team had hit a multi-run homerun.  that's just the way the slow pitch softball goes sometimes.

Our first game last night we led up until the top of the 7th inning.  We were home team and so we got last bat.  We were up 8-6 and had played really good defense and offense.  The other team had two players on base and their very best hitter walked up and hit the ball the furthest I had seen a ball hit this season.  They went up 9-8 and we just couldn't get another run or two to tie or win when we were up to bat. 

The second game had a much different outcome.  We were playing the El Tapatio team (which I hear is the best authentic Mexican food restaurant here) and all of the sudden our bats lit up.  We ended up using the 15 rule against them in the fourth inning.  The final score was 19-1. 

When I play a sport - I'm all in.  That means that even if I'm in shorts and the ground is not the best for sliding, I'll still slide.  That's when you cut up your leg pretty good.  I took a picture when I got home of my leg and as we speak I can feel the cuts as I move my leg.  Oh well, that was my decision to slide. 


ID11 and Feel the Burn

Insanity Day 11

...was Cardio Recovery.  I can't say enough how much I enjoy this workout.  The deep stretches really creates a quality burn.  I think the last time I did this workout I also said that it was really good.  Doing this workout really shows you how much you've worked while doing the Insanity workout. 

It used to be when I would workout on my own that there were never days to specifically recover.  Yes, there would be days that I would do one part of my body and then do another part the following day while the other rested, but never a day that involves deep stretching for the most part.  In the Cardio Recovery dvd, there is some workout exercises to it to really get in deep with the burn, but as much as it hurts [I can't finish most of the deep burning exercises] it does feel good for the muscles.

I'm on my way
(picture taken from yojofitness)


ID10 - Plyometric Cardio

Insanity Day 10 a lot of work.  Plyometric Cardio is a solid workout.  As of right now, it is one of my favorite workouts of the Dvd set.  Granted, I've only been through the first few dvds as the first month reuses the same workouts.  Even though they re-use the dvds as long as you push harder and faster [while keeping form of course] - it's still new. 

I live by moderation when it comes to losing weight and getting healthier.  Don 't get me wrong - I try to not go to the greasy fast foods and places like that if I'm serious about losing weight and get healthy, but the stuff that I do eat comes in moderations and smaller portions. 

Things are clicking right now.


ID9 and programmed coffee

Insanity Day 9

...was Pure Cardio.  I loved it.  Okay, it was more of 'you take my breath away' type of love - but again, once I finished I felt accomplished.  I pushed myself.  I'm trying to push myself harder each day - that's the whole point of Digging Deeper right?

So I pushed.

My Workout room is just across the hallway from my 1 year old (almost one year old) son's room and his crib is against the closest wall to my workout room.  I have only been able to do the workouts between 10-12 at night and my son has in bed then for a few hours.  When you are doing these workouts, it requires some jumping around and so I've been trying to jump lightly.  Now, when I say jump lightly - take in mind that I am a 221 lb man jumping on floors that were put in many many years ago.  I doubt I'm landing on my feet as lightly as I try to, but I'm still pushing myself.  Thankfully, my son is a hard sleeper and I haven't caused him to wake up yet. 

Pure Cardio was a solid workout.


Programmed Coffee.

My wife and I went to a flea Market this past weekend and I stumbled upon a very clean, programmable, 5 cup coffee maker.  I enjoy my coffee in the morning and this one was for only $6.  I snatched it up hoping that the program control worked and sure enough, I have been waking up to the small of delicious coffee each morning since.  it even came with the permanent filter. 

It really does seem like less work.  It used to be that I either had to wait to get to the office for coffee, go without, or do all the work to make it [I know it's not much work] in the morning.  It's the same amount of work, but it's easier in the morning if you go ahead and prepare it at night. 

I love it.


ID8 and STWLC weigh-in PIC

Insanity Day 8

Insanity Day 8 was a workout.  I love that I can push myself further.  I think another thing that I love about Insanity is that it's not an hour to hour and a half long.  I don't have time for that and I really don't want to spend that much time.  If I am going to spend that much time working out - I'd rather go for a run for that duration.

During this first four weeks - I'll only use a few dvds and am repeating workouts [not day after day] but you find yourself pushing just as hard as you initially did even after the first time you've done that workout dvd. The thing though is that you are going for longer periods of time as your body is able to handle a bit more workout by workout. 

The workout doesn't change, you change.

I have 8 workouts down and only 55 days left until it's complete. 


STWLC [Seth Tyler's Weight Loss Challenge]

STWLC has completed one week.  We have 9 participants and it's off with a bang.  Below is my 'after week one' photo.  Combined with healthy[er] eating, smaller portions and Insanity -- this first week was pretty good.  For me, it's about moderation and this way I still get to enjoy my food.  Have a great day.


ID7 Rest meant Yoga for me

Insanity Day 7

ID7 "Rest Day" meant 'Let's do some yoga' to me.  I enjoy Yoga.  When I did the p90x program - the Yoga was one of my favorite dvd/workouts.  I'm not sure why I like it but I enjoy the deep stretches and balance positions. 

The yoga that I did tonight was not P90x Extreme Yoga, but a milder version (but still probably required more moving than a normal Yoga session).  I am man enough to admit that I did Jillian Michael's Level 1 yoga.  I wanted some stretching on my day off from the intense workouts and I think that Yoga is a good form of movement and activity so that I don't just sit idle.  I think it was a light enough workout to be labled a 'rest' day though.  Many think that 'rest' day means doing nothing at all.  My opinion is that 'rest' days do not have to mean that you do nothing, but that you aren't full-on intensity. 

Movement is good for your body and that's still true on 'rest' days.

Tomorrow starts the 2nd week of the 9 total weeks that Insanity is. 

I'm enjoying it and hope to see some results in the coming weeks.


ID6. Workout Room

Insanity Day 6.

I'm just going to start abbreviating to ID and than number of day.  So Insanity Day 6 = ID6.

It seems as if the only time of day that I find available to workout out is past 10pm.  I don't want that but it has been what I have found to work right now.  I'd love to be able to get up earlier to do it but it seems that when I wake up early -- that's all I have done is wake up and go slowly until it's time to leave for work.

ID6 was a good workout though.  It's probably the best that I've had so far.  I pushed harder, longer, and faster than any of the previous 5 workouts.  I'm not sure why but it felt good and I was beat at the same time.  It was the same workout as ID2 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit. 

The level 1 pushups, which lead right into plank ski jumps, and then the up downs were the most difficult for me.  That is a workout!  ID6 is completed though and I love that week 1 is in the books, workouts anyways.  I think I may do a yoga workout on my rest days, which are Saturdays.


Workout Room.

I mentioned that I cleaned out a room in our house that was being used as a oversized closet with oversized shelves all around the room by the past residents.  Welp, I took out all of those shelves, painted the paneling with some leftover paint out of the garage [left here], and hung up a tv, a shelf, and some speakers.  I have also made a big Insanity Calendar on the wall.  On the wall is also the phrase 'Dig Deeper' and below that i have my goal weight of 175.  I find myself focusing on that wall when I do my workouts.  It's nice to have that reminder to go harder and faster, simply digging deeper.


Insanity Day 5. 3 hrs of volleyball

Volleyball for hours

A very positive thing about working at a bigger church is the buildings that we have.  We have a multipurpose building that  has a gym in it that I love to use.  Whether it's basketball, volleyball, or just playing around - I love that it's here not only for church purposes but also for more extra curricular type of things.  On Wednesday night, there were several of us that got together to play some volleyball.  We started at 8pm - immediately following our youth group activities and  it was 6 on 6.  It was some good competition.  Around 10pm, four of the guys had to leave so that left it 4 on 4.  Sure, we'll try that too and played for another hour 4 on 4.  We played volleyball - with very little break in between games for three hours.  This is awesome for a few different reasons.

1.  We played for 3 hours.
2.  We have a place to play volleyball.
3.  because it just is awesome.

There was one drawback to so much playing of the volleyball - I hadn't done my Insanity yet.



I didn't let that stop me though.  Once I got home from volleyball, I drove over to my brother's work to wish him a happy birthday.  He works nights which allowed me to do that.  It was almost midnight, or maybe a few minutes before midnight, when I got home.  I decided that I wasn't going to skip out on Insanity so I did Insanity at midnight.  The infomercials for Insanity were probably on at that time. 

I did skip a few minutes of the warm-up but was still able to keep good form throughout that workout.  I can't say that it was my best workout as I didn't have as much energy but it was a good workout.  The most important thing for me is that I completed it and that I wanted to stay on schedule. 

Keeping on schedule was more of an issue that I thought.  I counted Sunday as my day 1 - which I did the Fit Test before Sunday.  The thing is when I was making up my Insanity Calendar that I've hung in my workout room - I have Monday as day 2 when I actuallly did that workout on Sunday.  With that said, I took yesterday off and will pick up day 6 today and day 7's (rest days) will be on Saturdays.  I spent too much time on making that calendar to scrap it all together for one day.  After this week, all 7 days of the first week will have been done with the last one (workout) being today. 

Sunday I'll start week 2.


Insanity Day 4. Skype with Germany

Insanity Update

I completed day 4 of Insanity last night.

I actually enjoyed the workout.  It was the Cardio Recovery and  the stretches got so deep.  It wasn't until I was doing the workout that I realized how much I needed those deep stretches.  I felt fine all day yesterday and when I actually got to the workout and saw how inflexible I was do to tightness - I knew I needed it. It reminded me kind of like the p90x yoga (the balance portion) only with more lunges and pulses.  I don't know if that made sense but that's what it was like for me. 

Maybe I enjoyed it because I knew that my body is working on a routine and as I spoke yesterday about just doing the workout despite how much I didn't want to.  Two days ago, I just sucked it up and did the workout and last night [because of the previous night's disicipline] I just knew that it had to be done. 

I can't get healthier by not doing what needs to be done.

Day 5 is today and it'll get done.


Skype with Germany.

My wife and I, along with my son were able to skype with two of our best friends who currently live in Germany.  It had almost, if not, been a year since last talking to them on skype.  They get really busy with the things that they are doing there and we get really busy and we let that be our excuse.  We get to missing them a lot and hope one day to be able to go visit them in Germany. 

From the sounds of it, they enjoy being there -- it's been 6, 7 or 8 years now (I think) that they have been back and forth between the states and Germany.  Wow, I can't believe it's been that long either.

Anyways, it was really good to get to skype with them today and introduce them to our son Blake.

Also, Zach's wife Alyssa has been doing Insanity.  I never knew she had it in her.  Props to her!


Insanity Day 3. Starting Weigh-In pic

Insanity Day 3.

So, It got to be about 10pm last night and I hadn't had the chance to work out via Insanity yet and to be completely honest, I didn't want to.  I didn't want to change into workout clothes.  I didn't want to work out for 30 minutes.  I didn't want Shaun T to kick my butt.

But I did.

Day 3 is in the books and as tiring as it was - I didn't feel too bad today.  I'm glad I went ahead and charged on by doing the workout because it makes todays easier to go and do.  Not that the workout will be easy, but the decision to just suck it up and do it makes it easier.  I know that afterwards - I will feel more accomplished instead of the opposite end of it and regretting not doing it. 

It was the Cardio Power & Resistance.  I didn't mind the 'Walking Pushups'.  They weren't fun to do while tired, but knowing that I can do them when I'm tired I like.

Weight Loss Challenge.

The weight loss challenge has officially started.  We submitted our beginning weigh-ins and starting body pics.  Mine is below.  We have 11 participants in the challenge and it looks to be a good one.  Lots of motivated people.

 I don't like that I've regained some of the weight and now weigh this much, but it is what it is and it's time to do something about it.

175 -- here I come...again.


Insanity Day 2. Weight Loss Challenge.

I can't believe how hard it is to get back into something.  It's a mindset thing.  It takes discipline and dedication. 

I borrowed Insanity from Kerri from Fit Views and only got through the fit test before I find myself searching for time to do it.  I think I have alleviated the problem of not having time by getting up earlier.  I have been working on getting up earlier in the morning and for the most part have succeeded.  I finally did day 2 of Insanity, now that it's about time to return the dvds.  I'll just have to end up getting the set myself. 

I think what has helped with the mindset are a few different things. 

1.  I cleared out a room in our house that the past residents had has a huge closet with some big shelving units built in.  I cleared all of that, painted it blue (from some unused can of paint in the garage) and hung a TV and a shelf with a dvd player on it up.  I literally have the room now for working out and don't have that excuse. I have space to do the workouts and no excuse not too.  I will have a post showing the room.  I don't have a before, but it's a huge difference!

2.  I'm starting my weight loss challenge up again.  It's been almost a year since I hosted a weight loss challenge and today is the beginning of my 8th challenge hosted.  Check it out at Seth Tyler's Weight Loss Challenge.  There have been some big changes to some of the people that have participated in it.  It's pretty inspiring to see how far they've come through hard work and dedication.

3.  I want to get faster.  I'm a pretty quick guy, but I want to be faster.  I really need to get out there and get running long distances again, but I also want to be faster with the short distances for sports like basketball, soccer and such.

4.  I saw a picture of myself and was not happy with what I saw.  I know I'm not fat, but I'm not where I want to be.

So, that's it for that.  A change is happening.


I'm telling you, my legs are still sore from day 2.  Saturdays will be my day off.  I did the plyometrics workout and it was tough.  I know that it will only get better but dang it was rough.  I'm really excited about getting through the DVD workout.

I think my favorite was the Zombie kick work-out.  I really don't know why but it was a fun little exercise.  That workout really did show me how out of shape I am and I hope that I remember to come back after the 60 days and see just how different the outcome was.  I'd like to compare the two workout (from day two and then once finished) on how I feel about it.

It did help that I have a room in my house that I can go to and do a workout and not have to leave the house at all.  So, insanity day 2 is in the books and day 3 is today. 

Hopefully, I'll kick it's butt.

This picture has nothing to do with anything, but I've been playing a lot of softball lately in a men's league with the church.  It's been a blast.