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Fit Test # 2 RESULTS

Last night I still needed to do the Fit Test #2 so I got ready for the tiring workout and headed over to my church's gymnasium.  I could do the test at home in my workout room, but as I described here, my workout room is next to my son's and I knew I couldn't go all out if I did it there.  I'd shake the whole house jumping around.  It was nice to have the much more solid floor under my feet and I did feel like I did better jumping wise.

The way that I executed this test was by not looking at my results from Fit Test #1.  I took a blank sheet of paper and wrote down the exercises and how many of each that I did without knowing what I did on FT#1.  My method worked as I pushed myself to beat my last results and when I didn't know what they were - I pushed harder.  After the test, I felt like I did well but definitely felt that I didn't do better than the first time.  I would have bet that I did about the same on most workouts. 

I was pleasantly surprised.

Here are my Insanity Fit Test #2 results.

(they say for the Switch Kicks that both legs equals one rep but that's not how they did it on the dvd when they counted [b/c I counted them doing them and they put down single kick count]. 

It was a good workout.  You actually only work out for 8 minutes.  The fit test consists of a warm-up, stretch, 8 one minute workouts, cool down and stretch.  It doesn't take long but if you give everything you've got.  It'll tire you out.

Have a great day!

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Christine said...

wow! Good job. I am actually a bit afraid of the insanity workout...very intense. Kudos to you on chunneling through.