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ID12 and the Softball Slide

Insanity Day 12

Day 12 was Cardio Power and Resistance.  This workout got off to a slow start.  I wasn't all the way in it and my legs really weren't feeling it today.  I had just gotten done playing softball a couple hours before which was a double header.  It did get better as the workout got going. 

I have a confession to make.  I don't always go through the warmup three times like they do.  I usually do about 3/4 of the warm-up portion.  I find that it works for me.  I actually had thought about not working out  and using this day as my rest day.  I really was tired from the softball games and it was getting late, but my wife jumped in and said, "but then you'll be mad at yourself for not doing it".  She was right.  I would've regretted not doing it. Especially because after the workout - I thought it was a good one. 

While I was doing the 'Moving Push-ups' I was thinking to myself - "I was struggling doing all of these pushups the first time around" [within the first couple of workouts].  I challenged myself to a certain number of pushups before time was up.  I didn't reach that number but the fact that it is getting easier to be disciplined through the burn is nice.

good workout.


Softball slide

We had a double header in softball and it was also our last two games of the men's league season.  We continued to get better and ended up having some really close games throughout the season, but we only ended up winning one.  I'd say there were three or four games that we lost because the other team had hit a multi-run homerun.  that's just the way the slow pitch softball goes sometimes.

Our first game last night we led up until the top of the 7th inning.  We were home team and so we got last bat.  We were up 8-6 and had played really good defense and offense.  The other team had two players on base and their very best hitter walked up and hit the ball the furthest I had seen a ball hit this season.  They went up 9-8 and we just couldn't get another run or two to tie or win when we were up to bat. 

The second game had a much different outcome.  We were playing the El Tapatio team (which I hear is the best authentic Mexican food restaurant here) and all of the sudden our bats lit up.  We ended up using the 15 rule against them in the fourth inning.  The final score was 19-1. 

When I play a sport - I'm all in.  That means that even if I'm in shorts and the ground is not the best for sliding, I'll still slide.  That's when you cut up your leg pretty good.  I took a picture when I got home of my leg and as we speak I can feel the cuts as I move my leg.  Oh well, that was my decision to slide. 

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