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ID24 and a Friends 100 lb mark video

Insanity Day 24

...did not turn out like I wanted it too.  I had everything set to wake up at 7:00, but when I woke up - I felt terrible.  I didn't have a good night of sleep, I slept wrong [kink in my neck], had a headache.  I decided that it'd be better to do the workout later to maybe be able to sleep the headache off.

Well, I still felt bad when I woke up.  I went in to work and did my thing for the first half of the day.  I went home for lunch and crashed.  I slept for a few hours and did wake up feeling better. 

I did fail to do the workout later in the evening though.  That happens and so I look to make it up on Saturday [rest day] hopefully.

A friend's 100 lb mark.

One thing that I did get to do is make the below video for a friend who has lost 100 lbs. 

He started his weight loss journey with one of my challenges that I host online on Facebook.  He, this past week - went past 100 lbs lost.  It's great and I'm super pumped for him.

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Anonymous said...

This is great! I love Anthony's sense of humor! And this shows that while the weight loss journey, the journey to fitness, is full of both downs AND ups, persistence, small steps, does pay off! congrats, Anthony!!!