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Insanity Day 2. Weight Loss Challenge.

I can't believe how hard it is to get back into something.  It's a mindset thing.  It takes discipline and dedication. 

I borrowed Insanity from Kerri from Fit Views and only got through the fit test before I find myself searching for time to do it.  I think I have alleviated the problem of not having time by getting up earlier.  I have been working on getting up earlier in the morning and for the most part have succeeded.  I finally did day 2 of Insanity, now that it's about time to return the dvds.  I'll just have to end up getting the set myself. 

I think what has helped with the mindset are a few different things. 

1.  I cleared out a room in our house that the past residents had has a huge closet with some big shelving units built in.  I cleared all of that, painted it blue (from some unused can of paint in the garage) and hung a TV and a shelf with a dvd player on it up.  I literally have the room now for working out and don't have that excuse. I have space to do the workouts and no excuse not too.  I will have a post showing the room.  I don't have a before, but it's a huge difference!

2.  I'm starting my weight loss challenge up again.  It's been almost a year since I hosted a weight loss challenge and today is the beginning of my 8th challenge hosted.  Check it out at Seth Tyler's Weight Loss Challenge.  There have been some big changes to some of the people that have participated in it.  It's pretty inspiring to see how far they've come through hard work and dedication.

3.  I want to get faster.  I'm a pretty quick guy, but I want to be faster.  I really need to get out there and get running long distances again, but I also want to be faster with the short distances for sports like basketball, soccer and such.

4.  I saw a picture of myself and was not happy with what I saw.  I know I'm not fat, but I'm not where I want to be.

So, that's it for that.  A change is happening.


I'm telling you, my legs are still sore from day 2.  Saturdays will be my day off.  I did the plyometrics workout and it was tough.  I know that it will only get better but dang it was rough.  I'm really excited about getting through the DVD workout.

I think my favorite was the Zombie kick work-out.  I really don't know why but it was a fun little exercise.  That workout really did show me how out of shape I am and I hope that I remember to come back after the 60 days and see just how different the outcome was.  I'd like to compare the two workout (from day two and then once finished) on how I feel about it.

It did help that I have a room in my house that I can go to and do a workout and not have to leave the house at all.  So, insanity day 2 is in the books and day 3 is today. 

Hopefully, I'll kick it's butt.

This picture has nothing to do with anything, but I've been playing a lot of softball lately in a men's league with the church.  It's been a blast.

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Christine said...

What is that old saying in the kick the demon out and he goes out and gets seven of his friends and theend situation is worse than when you started...I think weight loss is like 'do it' for a year or so..fall out of the habit, know what it takes to get back in again and it is hard to muster up the enthusiasm. You'll do it. Hang in there.