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Insanity Day 3. Starting Weigh-In pic

Insanity Day 3.

So, It got to be about 10pm last night and I hadn't had the chance to work out via Insanity yet and to be completely honest, I didn't want to.  I didn't want to change into workout clothes.  I didn't want to work out for 30 minutes.  I didn't want Shaun T to kick my butt.

But I did.

Day 3 is in the books and as tiring as it was - I didn't feel too bad today.  I'm glad I went ahead and charged on by doing the workout because it makes todays easier to go and do.  Not that the workout will be easy, but the decision to just suck it up and do it makes it easier.  I know that afterwards - I will feel more accomplished instead of the opposite end of it and regretting not doing it. 

It was the Cardio Power & Resistance.  I didn't mind the 'Walking Pushups'.  They weren't fun to do while tired, but knowing that I can do them when I'm tired I like.

Weight Loss Challenge.

The weight loss challenge has officially started.  We submitted our beginning weigh-ins and starting body pics.  Mine is below.  We have 11 participants in the challenge and it looks to be a good one.  Lots of motivated people.

 I don't like that I've regained some of the weight and now weigh this much, but it is what it is and it's time to do something about it.

175 -- here I come...again.

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Christine said...

Good job bud. It is a day by day decision making process...doing the right thing always feels better the following day. Good to see you back at it.