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Keeping it Fresh

I really enjoy having my website, but it's crazy trying to keep it interesting.  I think when I started it - it was more for me than anything else and it was fresh and real.  That was in 2010 near the first when I was going for 1,010 miles.  I was big, heavy, and needing to do something different.  After doing this for almost three years - I'm not sure how to keep it interesting.  I've taken breaks and then get back at it just to not have anything new again.

To be honest, I'm not sure how many even still read it.  I've got several followers - but we all know how many of those probably aren't even blogging anymore. 

I've changed a lot since then and so has my site. 

So that's where I'm at with the site.  I want it - I want it to be interesting - I'm just interested in what keeps it interesting.


In other news -- here is my new workout home.  I got a huge discount because of my choice in career. 


What do you do to keep things fresh on your website?