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I need help vegetarians!

I'll just say it.

I enjoy sitting down at the dinner table with my little family to a meal full of chicken/venison/beef or some other kind of meat as the main course(sometimes the only course). That doesn't happen as much anymore though. I

 am very interested in the vegetarian diet, but not all the time. Since having the kidney stone, I choose to have meat only 3 days a week due to the extra stuff that meat has that helps form stones. I did see an initial change in weight dropping off but am unsure if it was the stoppage of eating meat or an increase in activity. What I am sure of is how my body felt the days that I don't have meat. I usually feel better.

I've decided to try a different kind of vegetarian diet of my own. It's the '6 day vegaterian'. It's not a special diet - it's just a vegetarian diet for 6 days of the week. My wife and I like to go out to a buffet after church on Sundays to a nice meal and I thought Sunday would be a good meat day (especially since I can barely stomach the thought of spending the same amount of money on a meat dish as a non-meat dish).
Here's my dilema. My wife and I run out of/exhaust the vegetarian meals that we know we like. There are tons out there, but many of them aren't for the novice vegetarian. I think vegetarianism is a science and one that takes a lot of study (and money). I figured some of who visit my site are vegetarians and so I have some questions for some of you.

1. How does being a vegetarian affect your activities (specifically running)?

2. How do you make up for the nutrients lost that was from the meat?

3. What store do you go to to get the best quality of food?

4. We like organic foods, but is all lost when vegetarians don't use only organic?

5. What is your favorite vegetarian dish?

Also - I think I'm doing another HALF-MARY in the early Fall.