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fitness pals

My wife and I enjoy good food and it is seems as of late that we enjoy good food too much!

We have some friends that have lost a lot of weight as well and they turned my wife to "myfitness pal" app.  I believe that I have used it before but I don't remember it being this good.  I went ahead and signed up so my wife wouldn't be alone in this and I am thoroughly impressed by it.

I've counted calories before and it was tough, but this makes it so easy to keep track.  Instead of having to manually type it (you still can easily), it has the QR code reader and it scans it (if you have a camera that reads them) and automatically enters the serving size.

Another thing that I've been doing is playing a lot of variety of sports here lately.  I haven't been able to do a lot running, but the other exercise defintely helps getting back in shape.

I really do enjoy being able to play sports and be active again.