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Insanity Day 5. 3 hrs of volleyball

Volleyball for hours

A very positive thing about working at a bigger church is the buildings that we have.  We have a multipurpose building that  has a gym in it that I love to use.  Whether it's basketball, volleyball, or just playing around - I love that it's here not only for church purposes but also for more extra curricular type of things.  On Wednesday night, there were several of us that got together to play some volleyball.  We started at 8pm - immediately following our youth group activities and  it was 6 on 6.  It was some good competition.  Around 10pm, four of the guys had to leave so that left it 4 on 4.  Sure, we'll try that too and played for another hour 4 on 4.  We played volleyball - with very little break in between games for three hours.  This is awesome for a few different reasons.

1.  We played for 3 hours.
2.  We have a place to play volleyball.
3.  because it just is awesome.

There was one drawback to so much playing of the volleyball - I hadn't done my Insanity yet.



I didn't let that stop me though.  Once I got home from volleyball, I drove over to my brother's work to wish him a happy birthday.  He works nights which allowed me to do that.  It was almost midnight, or maybe a few minutes before midnight, when I got home.  I decided that I wasn't going to skip out on Insanity so I did Insanity at midnight.  The infomercials for Insanity were probably on at that time. 

I did skip a few minutes of the warm-up but was still able to keep good form throughout that workout.  I can't say that it was my best workout as I didn't have as much energy but it was a good workout.  The most important thing for me is that I completed it and that I wanted to stay on schedule. 

Keeping on schedule was more of an issue that I thought.  I counted Sunday as my day 1 - which I did the Fit Test before Sunday.  The thing is when I was making up my Insanity Calendar that I've hung in my workout room - I have Monday as day 2 when I actuallly did that workout on Sunday.  With that said, I took yesterday off and will pick up day 6 today and day 7's (rest days) will be on Saturdays.  I spent too much time on making that calendar to scrap it all together for one day.  After this week, all 7 days of the first week will have been done with the last one (workout) being today. 

Sunday I'll start week 2.