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ID7 Rest meant Yoga for me

Insanity Day 7

ID7 "Rest Day" meant 'Let's do some yoga' to me.  I enjoy Yoga.  When I did the p90x program - the Yoga was one of my favorite dvd/workouts.  I'm not sure why I like it but I enjoy the deep stretches and balance positions. 

The yoga that I did tonight was not P90x Extreme Yoga, but a milder version (but still probably required more moving than a normal Yoga session).  I am man enough to admit that I did Jillian Michael's Level 1 yoga.  I wanted some stretching on my day off from the intense workouts and I think that Yoga is a good form of movement and activity so that I don't just sit idle.  I think it was a light enough workout to be labled a 'rest' day though.  Many think that 'rest' day means doing nothing at all.  My opinion is that 'rest' days do not have to mean that you do nothing, but that you aren't full-on intensity. 

Movement is good for your body and that's still true on 'rest' days.

Tomorrow starts the 2nd week of the 9 total weeks that Insanity is. 

I'm enjoying it and hope to see some results in the coming weeks.