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ID9 and programmed coffee

Insanity Day 9

...was Pure Cardio.  I loved it.  Okay, it was more of 'you take my breath away' type of love - but again, once I finished I felt accomplished.  I pushed myself.  I'm trying to push myself harder each day - that's the whole point of Digging Deeper right?

So I pushed.

My Workout room is just across the hallway from my 1 year old (almost one year old) son's room and his crib is against the closest wall to my workout room.  I have only been able to do the workouts between 10-12 at night and my son has in bed then for a few hours.  When you are doing these workouts, it requires some jumping around and so I've been trying to jump lightly.  Now, when I say jump lightly - take in mind that I am a 221 lb man jumping on floors that were put in many many years ago.  I doubt I'm landing on my feet as lightly as I try to, but I'm still pushing myself.  Thankfully, my son is a hard sleeper and I haven't caused him to wake up yet. 

Pure Cardio was a solid workout.


Programmed Coffee.

My wife and I went to a flea Market this past weekend and I stumbled upon a very clean, programmable, 5 cup coffee maker.  I enjoy my coffee in the morning and this one was for only $6.  I snatched it up hoping that the program control worked and sure enough, I have been waking up to the small of delicious coffee each morning since.  it even came with the permanent filter. 

It really does seem like less work.  It used to be that I either had to wait to get to the office for coffee, go without, or do all the work to make it [I know it's not much work] in the morning.  It's the same amount of work, but it's easier in the morning if you go ahead and prepare it at night. 

I love it.