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ID11 and Feel the Burn

Insanity Day 11

...was Cardio Recovery.  I can't say enough how much I enjoy this workout.  The deep stretches really creates a quality burn.  I think the last time I did this workout I also said that it was really good.  Doing this workout really shows you how much you've worked while doing the Insanity workout. 

It used to be when I would workout on my own that there were never days to specifically recover.  Yes, there would be days that I would do one part of my body and then do another part the following day while the other rested, but never a day that involves deep stretching for the most part.  In the Cardio Recovery dvd, there is some workout exercises to it to really get in deep with the burn, but as much as it hurts [I can't finish most of the deep burning exercises] it does feel good for the muscles.

I'm on my way
(picture taken from yojofitness)