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ID18 and Fat People Workout DVD

I'm taking a quick break from my writing for work to write this post out.  Sometimes at work I just need to step back and free my brain for a second.  That's what this is since I hadn't posted about ID18 yet.  Later I will post about ID19 during a different break.

Insanity Day 18
...was slightly better than ID17, but dang I just needed some energy.  The Cardio Recovery doens't require a ton amount of energy either but it felt as if it dragged.  The deep stretches are quality during this workout as said before, but the extra 'pulses' they put onto the end of some of the stretches are what was getting me. 

You know what I'd love to see though, a workout dvd of fat people for 60 days of Insanity.  I want them to go from Day 1 to Day 60 [63] so that we can see the results in front of us on the screen.  I would buy that dvd.  I think maybe they need to have three phases of the dvds for sale. 

The first would be the Fat people Dvd.  People of all weights that are able to do the moves to a point and can only get better.  The second would be average people.  People that are considered normal.  The third video would be already fit people.  This is how it already is and it works this way too.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like that the Insanity dvds use fit people and during the workouts on the dvds these people are just as tired as me - but I would like to see the results happen in front of me.  This could be a terrible idea, but it may be a good one too.