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A Running Guide for the Overweight Runner

There is a man that runs around my town all of the time carrying himself with no evidence of being tired. You may see him out at the park r...


Challenge Accepted: 2 Hour Half Marathon

A few weeks ago on HIMYM, Barney accepted a list of challenges from Lilly and Robin on picking up women.  If you know anything about the show - Barney will accept the challenge before hearing it...and even when he puts forth the challenge himself.

Nobody has challenged me to the 2 hour half marathon and for many marathoners, especially successful ones, a 2 hour Half seems a little slow.  How about this though, my first (and only) Half Marathon was completed in 2hr 35min.  I'd be trying to cut 35 minutes from that initial time. 

I've gained some weight since that race as well.  I'd say around 25 lbs I've added since running that Half Marathon. 

Today I weigh 220 lbs. 

To be able to get a 2 hr Half Marathon under my belt - it's going to take a lot of discipline, determination, and self-control.  I want to do something to focus my winter time so that I don't gain 20 more lbs and since I love running - this seems like a legitimate and achievable goal.

So, here's to you Barney Stinson - challenge accepted.


5 Rules for Getting Started

Figuring out your starting point is vital to being successful in pursuing quality health. No one ever realizes how unhealthy they are until it hits them at the doctor’s office or on the home scale. Health just does not come in terms of a number on a scale however, but getting rid of the excess fat from the body is a good starting point.
1.  Write down your Starting Weight.  Yes, this does mean that you need to use the scale that is in your bathroom.  It does not have to be a bad thing.  We can lie all day long but accepting where you are only allows the opportunity to speak from the point from which you’ve conquered.
2.  Calculate your BMI or Body Mass Index.  You can do that HERE for an idea of where you are at.  If you have a gym near you, a trainer would probably take their time to help you out and also give you a free workout as a tryout.  It doesn’t hurt to ask and to receive professional help.
3.  Physically, write out a plan and make it viewable on a regular basis.  Give yourself a challenge or level that you can embrace mentally.  If you would’ve told me that I would be running 13.1 miles without stopping when I first started my health journey – I would have laughed in your face.  When starting, write out a plan that you can mentally embrace and push for.  It’s important to be able to see it as achievable.
4.  Be in prayer about your health journey.  This isn’t a diet.  A diet is “something that you regularly have or take part in” (my definition); this means that if you daily eat cake and soda than you have a diet of cake and soda.  This is a life change, a journey to become healthy.  We pray about every other part of our lives but only about our health when we go to the hospital or get diagnosed with something.  Pray about this too.
5. Walk out the door.  This is the follow-through.  Everything listed before this can happen and you still fail.  Be bold and walk out the door.  Go and be active.  Don’t be afraid.  Be strong and conquer what has conquered you to this point.

(pic from google image "getting started" search)


man with a plan. nope, just a stroller

I jogged for the first time with a stroller. 

Blake loved it.

I felt weird.

Everyone smiled at me and said Good Morning.  Even the one chick that never says Good Morning said Good Morning.

I think I'll do it again - run with the stroller. 

Blake got to play at the park after the run since we were already there for the path that winds in and around the park.  It's so nice to have that just across the street so that when I wake up, I can eat my breakfast and then get Blake out of bed and dressed and then go for my morning workout.  this makes 9 or 10 days in a row that I've gotten up on time...early that is...and gone for a workout. The one day that I did not work out was on purpose as I get up early anyways on Sunday so that I can get over to the church (my place of employment).


A.C.E. A.C.E. Ace

That is my ACE chant for volleyball.

Killed it in volleyball last night.  I don't know what happened but it seemed that the volleyball would not go anywhere except to the perfect position of a set for me to spike it.

I loved it. 

We played for probably almost three hours last night.  Only ten people showed up and so we played best of 7 games and our team won four out of six so we called it quits.  It was evenly matched and some great going on.

This morning I was pretty sore.  I felt like an old man getting out of bed but I got up on time and still made it to the park for some exercise to get this thing back into shape.  Well, honestly, I am not 'out of shape' since I am always active, but I'm not where I want to be definitely. 

I'll keep it going!


bike is falling apart

So, on my ride this morning, I had a destination in mind.  About 15 minutes in, my right pedal started to feel weird under my foot. Now, I had just replaced a bad pedal the day before.  I decided to turn around and make the trip back home (over 2 miles away and I've got no tool to help me out).  My pedal starting to get wobbly like it is coming unscrewed.

I try to overcompensate with my left leg doing most of the pedaling and it seems to work.  I get about a 1/2 mile from home and I can still see the silver head to the pedal attached to the pedal bat so I coast along not worried about losing the pedal anymore. 

I stopped at our mailbox in front of our house to get the mail from yesterday.  As soon as I go to put my foot on the pedal, and my foot just barely touches the pedal - it falls off.  the end that screws into the pedal bar is almost completely stripped.  falls off right there in the street.  I had to walk my bike the rest of the 60 feet.


wait, this is my day off

this is my day off and I'm already up and moving.  In fact, another workout down by 8:33am.

Not too shabby.

that is all.


oops. i did it again. without the oops

"Hey Now You're an All Star..."

Those were the lyrics ringing in my head after I completed yet another early morning workout.  I did a 33 minute bike ride covering about 5 miles.  I felt like it was a moderate pace but I guess I went easier than I thought  as I work my knee back into shape.  It is feeling good though.  Last night I went and shot around at the gym doing some cuts and such to see how it felt.

I couldn't hit a basket it seemed like and that's partly due to not bending my knees properly and also due to me just missing :)

I logged my workout on mapmyrun and I came across an old route that I ran and it reminded me to make the things you do fun..This was a run that I intentionally marked out and ran when I was doing what I called RUN-ART.

Have a Blessed Day!


wait for it...

I got up this morning at...wait for it...6:20am and I didn't have to. 

I got up to do a workout this morning.  I originally planned on going for a run but decided to give my knee a break.  The other night I was playing basketball and landed directly on my knee cap.  I looked at it later and it looked like someone had placed a golf ball under my skin on top of my knee.  That was Sunday night so I thought instead of going for a run that a bike ride would be easier on my knee.

It was nice.

My knee is doing fine and I'll go for a run tomorrow morning.  Contemplating on doing another Half Marathon.  I'm trying to get a friend to do it with me like last time, that made it easier I think.


The important things in life are not easy

People desire instant gratification when the things that truly gratify take time to form. 

That applies to all things that we do. 

We want a deeper faith but with less time invested, however a believer invested in their faith can move mountains.

We want a hotter body with less hard work, however more hard work creates a harder, hotter body longer.

We want hot sex with no strings attached, however sex with your spouse is more intimate and can be crazy hot because of the relationship built.

We want the bigger and better, however bigger is not always better and what we sacrifice for that appearance is probably what was best for us.

We want every high possible, however if you never experience the low you won't appreciate the high.

I question the motives, my motives.  Do I fall into the trap because I am never satisfied, filled, complete?  Do I take the easy route because I'm not good enough for the long haul?

I don't know the answer for the rest of you, but for me I am all of these things when I am not invested into my relationship with God.  So, this is what I've written to myself in regards to those traps that try to catch my eye.

Take time to appreciate your blessings.  Take time to let the things that gratify take form and shape. 

Invest yourself into what you believe and know to be true.  Invest yourself into being spiritually fit (that is taking steps to having a deeper relationship with your creator) and that the physical fitness will be second nature.  Protect and take care for the body that you have and do what you have the power to do to make it the body you desire...through hard work.

Work harder, be disciplined and experience a healthy, fit body, mind and soul not tossing yourself into whatever the new thing is.  Define who you are...better yet, define whose you are and let the 'who you are' derive from there.  No longer be shallow in what you do but grow some roots and be firm.  A solid plant grows in deep, rich soil as the shallow rooted plant will wither away.  Do not be afraid of hard work.  Do not be scared to get messy.  Put your big boy pants on and be who you were meant to be.  Weather the storms that are in your path and plant your faith in the Words that God has provided for you.  Stand up, Stand strong, Stand firm, and Step out and greet a failing world with hope extending your hand to help others.  Help them out of darkness.  Know that everything worth anything is not easy and takes effort; embrace the task.  Be satisfied.  Be filled. Be complete.  Be holy.  Be thankful.  Be the man God created you to be.


Knowing the Facts help

Midwest Weather Workout

It seems that no matter where I go, that place will tell you the same thing that the last did about it's weather pattern - that it's unpredictable or that anything can happen.

It's no different here.

Anything can happen.

Just a few days ago we were into the 60 degree mark and today, 10-11 inches of snow sits on the ground.  Missouri weather really is crazy.  I would love for it to be 50 degrees or higher year round, but it just doesn't happen.  But as they say...

"when life gives you lemons, make lemonade...unless you don't like lemonade b/c then you are supposed to do something else with them"

It might be hard to tell b/c everything is white, but that snow is 10-11" deep and  it was no easy feat.  Glad I've only had to do that once this year.

I decided yesterday to go out into the snow and be a Snow Plow.  I dug my driveway (which is not a short driveway) and definitely put to work my Insanity workout moves.  I did a lot of squats, a ton of ab work, and shoulder work.  It was a good workout.  I do credit INSANITY that I was able to knock the drive out in pretty good time.  And what better way to credit INSANITY than to still do your INSANITY workout later that evening.

Workout out with a group has been great.  I've been pushed and believe to push others.  Tomorrow will complete week four and we'll begin the recovery week.  Only 5 weeks left!


Core Killer. Fit Test 2 results

Today we (me and a group of guys) did the 2nd Fit Test for Insanity.  It kills me every time, but it's nice to see some results!  Such a core workout.  



Introverted or Extroverted Workouts: which one is for you?

I've always been a loner type of "worker-outer" since high school.  I'm pretty sure that isn't a word, but we'll go with it.  Let's just say that I always thought I was my best partner when it comes to working out.  I don't need anyone else to push me verbally because I, most times, can talk myself into pushing harder.  Discipline, while working out, is my thing.  Discipline to start the workout is something else entirely though.

I've tried my turn at Insanity alone and I got through about 4 weeks of it, but things started to creep in and take priority over my workout time slot.  Maybe that's the way of the workout world. I didn't finish it.  I've started another turn at Insanity. This time however, I'm not doing it alone.

(picture originated HERE)
I'm a broken record when I say that my church has an awesome Gym to play sports in, but I've put together a few guys to do Insanity with me and that awesome gymnasium plays a big role.  A friend of mine lives just down the road from me and I asked if he wanted to do the Insanity workout with me and he was all for it.  So, having two people is better than just one right?  Yes, when it comes to Insanity two is better than one.  You know what's even better than having two people pushing each other during the Insanity workout?  Five or Six people doing that workout together. 

It's turned into just that and I wasn't sure how it'd work or if I'd feel awkward doing Insanity in a group setting, but it's been great.  Afterwards, we usually shoot some hoops or just hang out for a while. 

My wife, Carol, has worked out with a group of friends from church on a regular basis and I figured it was just a female thing, but having the guys there has pushed me.  I've gotta say though, there isn't really any pep talk during the workout, but a timely joke and just seeing that others are working hard makes the workout seem more fun and a better overall workout. 

Do you like to work out with partners or do you like to workout alone?!


7 NoNo's for gym etiquette

So, I went into the gym tonight just to get a couple miles in on the treadmill since it is no longer 60+ degrees outside.  It's more like 30 something degrees.  Blah.  I forgot my headphones so I actually got to hear some of what was going on around me and paid attention to those around me.  There was a lot that I saw that I didn't like.  Don't get me wrong - I have a great gym and a great place to workout, but tonight it got me thinking about some of what I consider NoNo's at the gym.  It's only proper to follow some type of gym etiquette right?  So, here are 7 gym NoNo's, in no particular order, just from tonight that would make my gym experience more pleasant for me.  So here's to me for changing no one there b/c they don't follow my blog but I'm posting them anyway!

1.  Not cleaning the cardio equipment you just bathed with your sweat.  I get it, you're a stud because you ran 20 miles and sweat happens - but real men take care of their messes...and you're a mess man.

2.  Not returning the treadmill to level zero.  Yes!  Congratulations, you hiked up an 8% incline and slid down the treadmill like you were skiing down a Black Diamond slope!  Now please go back up there and return the treadmill to normal. 

3.  Having all the TV's on news stations, except one small tv in the corner.  It's not like I can hear the TV, but come on - I can only read one BREAKING NEWS marquee at a time anyway.  Put something on the tele that is going to take my mind off of the pain instead of stressing me out. 

4.  Dropping the F*Bomb as a gym employee when talking with your friends that are just hanging out to talk.  If foul language is your thing, use it on your own time.  It's not for me and I dont' use it, but as a place of business and you as the representation of said company - you shouldn't use it either.  Let's give this a try, here's an example.  Instead of saying, "that was f* crazy", try this "that was crazy".  I know, you really wanted to insert it but you're employer would love it if you didn't. 

5.  Turning some of the lights off when the gym is still open.  I do understand this, you want to go home and this guy comes in with 45 minutes of still open time.  You are just getting ready to head home.  I get that.  I would do that long as that light isn't in the area of the gym that is being used.  Turn the lights over at the free weight area off, but don't start turning off lights of an area that I am at or have to go to when going to the locker room. 

6.  Talking openly about the women and their attractiveness.  Dude, I'm a dude; dude's notice chicks and their attractiveness, but is the gym the best place to pick them up?  And besides, they are already self-conscious about the way that they look so do you think that if you were to even approach them when they are all hot and sweaty and not "made up", that they'd give you the light of day?  You gotta do better than that.  And the comment, "even the ugly ones have nice bodies" doesn't help your case.  Shows your desperation and shallowness. 

7.  Admiring your body in the mirror for like, forever.  Mirrors reflect images, but staring at yourself for an extended time in the very public mirror examining your muscles makes you look like a dork.  One thing I've learned at gyms, few people actually care what you look like.  They are there to work out and do their thing and now you're just standing in the way of the dumbbells.  Buy a mirror and hang it up in your room and you can play kissy face there.

Well, I don't have many others tonight.  I'm sure I could stretch and pull a few more out, but these are the ones that I saw tonight.  It's actually kind of amusing to me the things that you do see at the gym.  I'm a people watcher, I know that's creepy right.  It's my thing though. 

What are some of your NoNo's at the gym?  Let me hear them!


If volleyball is a girl's sport then call me Betty

I love playing volleyball, but growing up I always thought it was primarily a girl sport.  I've been enlightened.  I really enjoy playing volleyball.  I guess Betty would be my female alter ego.  Why Betty though?  Well, it's the first name that came to mind when typing.  Sometimes my fingers just go ahead of my brain and type things.  It's called typoicular tourrets - it's an annoying thing but something I've come to live with.

After our night service last night at church we had several people get together to play some volleyball.  Our service got over at 7pm and I didn't lock up the church until after 10:30pm.  Yes, 3 1/2 hours of continuous volleyball going on in our gym.  Love it!

I'm sore today but it was worth it.  Not everytime that pain and soreness shows it's face is it a bad thing.

I'm a sports guy so I love to just be active.  I'm hoping that I can get someone together in town to play some tennis this evening.  Now, talk about a workout - tennis has got it going on!

I also plan on hitting the gym at some time tonight to get my miles in.  It's nice to have a gym that is open late at night.  It's not the biggest gym but it has all that I need.  I have a 5k coming up in April and I'd really like to get to the sub 30 mark again.  I don't think i've run a 5k in under 30 minutes in over a year.  Wow, that just blew my mind.  It's been so long for that to happen - it's going to happen.  I ran a 5k not to long ago and finished in 33 minutes.  I was close, but I want to be there.  It'll happen this year.  Oh to be back at 25 minutes and some odd change again. 

With the idea of alter egos -- it made me think of Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory.  I don't always have a TV reference with each post, but "Betty" reminds me of when Rob and Drama (Chris Pfaff) go get hypnotized for success.  The hypnotist calls for each of them to find their inner self and to name their inner self.  They start with Drama and he says, "Steve".  They make fun of Drama a lot and keep laughing that he could have picked anything, but he chose Steve.  It was really funny.  Rob's was something like "Battle Hardened". 

So, I guess maybe I need to come up with a better volley innerself name.


Nasty Flu. Rawness. Aldis. Duck Dynasty. Conan

Nasty stomach flu. I was just a few days into my pursuit of 1000 miles via running/walking again and I get hit with this nasty stomach flu. It put me out of commission for a couple days. Any other days that I've missed this month were just my fault. That flu though was something fierce. Something fierce.

Have you ever had that time when you were sitting in the restroom on the throne of peace and serenity (*you know that's the calmest place in the whole house when you have a kid) only for it to be defiled by a nasty stomach flu where you can't decide which you need to do: stand up or sit down. Sometimes the option is to just have the trash can in front of you. Truly something fierce.

I hope none of you get it. I am better now though.

I've been chipping away at my new goal of 1000 miles for 2013. I feel as if I'm going up hill already as I've gotten behind. It's hard for me to give up though, I've never been one for giving up -- especially when I see more than 11 months to get the job done. I almost quit baseball once in high school. I'm so glad that I didn't. Those sports really are the moments that I tend to remember when I think of high school. I enjoy having those accomplishments to look back to. Here, on Fit With a Purpose, some of you who might have been with me since my first days might remember that my first goal was to get 1,010 miles in 2010. I fell short but I fell short working my butt off.

You know, those were some of the rawest days. I didn't have to be a wordsmith or use the 'get-their-attention' rhetoric riddling my posts with phrases in an attempt to smoothly attract you to follow my blog. Everything was so fresh and new that the whole experience was attractive enough.

Maybe that's why it was easier and more fun to post then. It wasn't work but more of a hobby; simply something I enjoyed to do. You see, when you start to grow in numbers on the website you feel as if you have to be careful with how you post and what you post in order to please everyone; not to mention trying to get the free stuff from the different companies. Which I still would like freebies from the following types of companies: running related and healthy food related. I researched it and my wife researched it in her own online pursuits. I knew my audience and my site grew in numbers, but my posts sometimes lacked rawness, realness, and "sethness".

I mean, do you really care what I had to eat for lunch? It's usually the same thing every day. Bread, lunch meat, cheese, a little mayo and a diet cola. All ingredients are typically from Aldi's. Making a post about that is a lot of work. I'd be more interested in the deals that I got at Aldi's or how I usually take a bite of my sandwich from the top left of the sandwich, then the top right, and then the middle. That's the good stuff, that's the "Sethness".

So, that's my direction. If you are a follower of my site - it's been great and I hope that you stick around. Thank you for finding it in the depths of your heart to grunt through the posts that were posted to simply have a new post. Can I set another goal? My goal is not to post just to have a post but to post when I want to post.

With posting what I want to post, here is Phil and Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty on CONAN to close me out