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Nasty Flu. Rawness. Aldis. Duck Dynasty. Conan

Nasty stomach flu. I was just a few days into my pursuit of 1000 miles via running/walking again and I get hit with this nasty stomach flu. It put me out of commission for a couple days. Any other days that I've missed this month were just my fault. That flu though was something fierce. Something fierce.

Have you ever had that time when you were sitting in the restroom on the throne of peace and serenity (*you know that's the calmest place in the whole house when you have a kid) only for it to be defiled by a nasty stomach flu where you can't decide which you need to do: stand up or sit down. Sometimes the option is to just have the trash can in front of you. Truly something fierce.

I hope none of you get it. I am better now though.

I've been chipping away at my new goal of 1000 miles for 2013. I feel as if I'm going up hill already as I've gotten behind. It's hard for me to give up though, I've never been one for giving up -- especially when I see more than 11 months to get the job done. I almost quit baseball once in high school. I'm so glad that I didn't. Those sports really are the moments that I tend to remember when I think of high school. I enjoy having those accomplishments to look back to. Here, on Fit With a Purpose, some of you who might have been with me since my first days might remember that my first goal was to get 1,010 miles in 2010. I fell short but I fell short working my butt off.

You know, those were some of the rawest days. I didn't have to be a wordsmith or use the 'get-their-attention' rhetoric riddling my posts with phrases in an attempt to smoothly attract you to follow my blog. Everything was so fresh and new that the whole experience was attractive enough.

Maybe that's why it was easier and more fun to post then. It wasn't work but more of a hobby; simply something I enjoyed to do. You see, when you start to grow in numbers on the website you feel as if you have to be careful with how you post and what you post in order to please everyone; not to mention trying to get the free stuff from the different companies. Which I still would like freebies from the following types of companies: running related and healthy food related. I researched it and my wife researched it in her own online pursuits. I knew my audience and my site grew in numbers, but my posts sometimes lacked rawness, realness, and "sethness".

I mean, do you really care what I had to eat for lunch? It's usually the same thing every day. Bread, lunch meat, cheese, a little mayo and a diet cola. All ingredients are typically from Aldi's. Making a post about that is a lot of work. I'd be more interested in the deals that I got at Aldi's or how I usually take a bite of my sandwich from the top left of the sandwich, then the top right, and then the middle. That's the good stuff, that's the "Sethness".

So, that's my direction. If you are a follower of my site - it's been great and I hope that you stick around. Thank you for finding it in the depths of your heart to grunt through the posts that were posted to simply have a new post. Can I set another goal? My goal is not to post just to have a post but to post when I want to post.

With posting what I want to post, here is Phil and Willie Robertson from Duck Dynasty on CONAN to close me out



Christine said...

Feel better! I have been sick forever now. Hang in there...I know you will.

Morgan said...

Duck Dynasty is my favorite! My 13 year old and I love to watch it together - I bought her the first season on DVD for Christmas and I think it was one of her favorite gifts.

Seth Tyler said...

@Christine - you've always been there to encourage -- love it!

@Morgan -- my wife and I love Duck Dynasty! That would have been an awesome Christmas gift!