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Knowing the Facts help

Midwest Weather Workout

It seems that no matter where I go, that place will tell you the same thing that the last did about it's weather pattern - that it's unpredictable or that anything can happen.

It's no different here.

Anything can happen.

Just a few days ago we were into the 60 degree mark and today, 10-11 inches of snow sits on the ground.  Missouri weather really is crazy.  I would love for it to be 50 degrees or higher year round, but it just doesn't happen.  But as they say...

"when life gives you lemons, make lemonade...unless you don't like lemonade b/c then you are supposed to do something else with them"

It might be hard to tell b/c everything is white, but that snow is 10-11" deep and  it was no easy feat.  Glad I've only had to do that once this year.

I decided yesterday to go out into the snow and be a Snow Plow.  I dug my driveway (which is not a short driveway) and definitely put to work my Insanity workout moves.  I did a lot of squats, a ton of ab work, and shoulder work.  It was a good workout.  I do credit INSANITY that I was able to knock the drive out in pretty good time.  And what better way to credit INSANITY than to still do your INSANITY workout later that evening.

Workout out with a group has been great.  I've been pushed and believe to push others.  Tomorrow will complete week four and we'll begin the recovery week.  Only 5 weeks left!


Core Killer. Fit Test 2 results

Today we (me and a group of guys) did the 2nd Fit Test for Insanity.  It kills me every time, but it's nice to see some results!  Such a core workout.  



Introverted or Extroverted Workouts: which one is for you?

I've always been a loner type of "worker-outer" since high school.  I'm pretty sure that isn't a word, but we'll go with it.  Let's just say that I always thought I was my best partner when it comes to working out.  I don't need anyone else to push me verbally because I, most times, can talk myself into pushing harder.  Discipline, while working out, is my thing.  Discipline to start the workout is something else entirely though.

I've tried my turn at Insanity alone and I got through about 4 weeks of it, but things started to creep in and take priority over my workout time slot.  Maybe that's the way of the workout world. I didn't finish it.  I've started another turn at Insanity. This time however, I'm not doing it alone.

(picture originated HERE)
I'm a broken record when I say that my church has an awesome Gym to play sports in, but I've put together a few guys to do Insanity with me and that awesome gymnasium plays a big role.  A friend of mine lives just down the road from me and I asked if he wanted to do the Insanity workout with me and he was all for it.  So, having two people is better than just one right?  Yes, when it comes to Insanity two is better than one.  You know what's even better than having two people pushing each other during the Insanity workout?  Five or Six people doing that workout together. 

It's turned into just that and I wasn't sure how it'd work or if I'd feel awkward doing Insanity in a group setting, but it's been great.  Afterwards, we usually shoot some hoops or just hang out for a while. 

My wife, Carol, has worked out with a group of friends from church on a regular basis and I figured it was just a female thing, but having the guys there has pushed me.  I've gotta say though, there isn't really any pep talk during the workout, but a timely joke and just seeing that others are working hard makes the workout seem more fun and a better overall workout. 

Do you like to work out with partners or do you like to workout alone?!