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bike is falling apart

So, on my ride this morning, I had a destination in mind.  About 15 minutes in, my right pedal started to feel weird under my foot. Now, I had just replaced a bad pedal the day before.  I decided to turn around and make the trip back home (over 2 miles away and I've got no tool to help me out).  My pedal starting to get wobbly like it is coming unscrewed.

I try to overcompensate with my left leg doing most of the pedaling and it seems to work.  I get about a 1/2 mile from home and I can still see the silver head to the pedal attached to the pedal bat so I coast along not worried about losing the pedal anymore. 

I stopped at our mailbox in front of our house to get the mail from yesterday.  As soon as I go to put my foot on the pedal, and my foot just barely touches the pedal - it falls off.  the end that screws into the pedal bar is almost completely stripped.  falls off right there in the street.  I had to walk my bike the rest of the 60 feet.


wait, this is my day off

this is my day off and I'm already up and moving.  In fact, another workout down by 8:33am.

Not too shabby.

that is all.


oops. i did it again. without the oops

"Hey Now You're an All Star..."

Those were the lyrics ringing in my head after I completed yet another early morning workout.  I did a 33 minute bike ride covering about 5 miles.  I felt like it was a moderate pace but I guess I went easier than I thought  as I work my knee back into shape.  It is feeling good though.  Last night I went and shot around at the gym doing some cuts and such to see how it felt.

I couldn't hit a basket it seemed like and that's partly due to not bending my knees properly and also due to me just missing :)

I logged my workout on mapmyrun and I came across an old route that I ran and it reminded me to make the things you do fun..This was a run that I intentionally marked out and ran when I was doing what I called RUN-ART.

Have a Blessed Day!


wait for it...

I got up this morning at...wait for it...6:20am and I didn't have to. 

I got up to do a workout this morning.  I originally planned on going for a run but decided to give my knee a break.  The other night I was playing basketball and landed directly on my knee cap.  I looked at it later and it looked like someone had placed a golf ball under my skin on top of my knee.  That was Sunday night so I thought instead of going for a run that a bike ride would be easier on my knee.

It was nice.

My knee is doing fine and I'll go for a run tomorrow morning.  Contemplating on doing another Half Marathon.  I'm trying to get a friend to do it with me like last time, that made it easier I think.


The important things in life are not easy

People desire instant gratification when the things that truly gratify take time to form. 

That applies to all things that we do. 

We want a deeper faith but with less time invested, however a believer invested in their faith can move mountains.

We want a hotter body with less hard work, however more hard work creates a harder, hotter body longer.

We want hot sex with no strings attached, however sex with your spouse is more intimate and can be crazy hot because of the relationship built.

We want the bigger and better, however bigger is not always better and what we sacrifice for that appearance is probably what was best for us.

We want every high possible, however if you never experience the low you won't appreciate the high.

I question the motives, my motives.  Do I fall into the trap because I am never satisfied, filled, complete?  Do I take the easy route because I'm not good enough for the long haul?

I don't know the answer for the rest of you, but for me I am all of these things when I am not invested into my relationship with God.  So, this is what I've written to myself in regards to those traps that try to catch my eye.

Take time to appreciate your blessings.  Take time to let the things that gratify take form and shape. 

Invest yourself into what you believe and know to be true.  Invest yourself into being spiritually fit (that is taking steps to having a deeper relationship with your creator) and that the physical fitness will be second nature.  Protect and take care for the body that you have and do what you have the power to do to make it the body you desire...through hard work.

Work harder, be disciplined and experience a healthy, fit body, mind and soul not tossing yourself into whatever the new thing is.  Define who you are...better yet, define whose you are and let the 'who you are' derive from there.  No longer be shallow in what you do but grow some roots and be firm.  A solid plant grows in deep, rich soil as the shallow rooted plant will wither away.  Do not be afraid of hard work.  Do not be scared to get messy.  Put your big boy pants on and be who you were meant to be.  Weather the storms that are in your path and plant your faith in the Words that God has provided for you.  Stand up, Stand strong, Stand firm, and Step out and greet a failing world with hope extending your hand to help others.  Help them out of darkness.  Know that everything worth anything is not easy and takes effort; embrace the task.  Be satisfied.  Be filled. Be complete.  Be holy.  Be thankful.  Be the man God created you to be.