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bike is falling apart

So, on my ride this morning, I had a destination in mind.  About 15 minutes in, my right pedal started to feel weird under my foot. Now, I had just replaced a bad pedal the day before.  I decided to turn around and make the trip back home (over 2 miles away and I've got no tool to help me out).  My pedal starting to get wobbly like it is coming unscrewed.

I try to overcompensate with my left leg doing most of the pedaling and it seems to work.  I get about a 1/2 mile from home and I can still see the silver head to the pedal attached to the pedal bat so I coast along not worried about losing the pedal anymore. 

I stopped at our mailbox in front of our house to get the mail from yesterday.  As soon as I go to put my foot on the pedal, and my foot just barely touches the pedal - it falls off.  the end that screws into the pedal bar is almost completely stripped.  falls off right there in the street.  I had to walk my bike the rest of the 60 feet.

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