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oops. i did it again. without the oops

"Hey Now You're an All Star..."

Those were the lyrics ringing in my head after I completed yet another early morning workout.  I did a 33 minute bike ride covering about 5 miles.  I felt like it was a moderate pace but I guess I went easier than I thought  as I work my knee back into shape.  It is feeling good though.  Last night I went and shot around at the gym doing some cuts and such to see how it felt.

I couldn't hit a basket it seemed like and that's partly due to not bending my knees properly and also due to me just missing :)

I logged my workout on mapmyrun and I came across an old route that I ran and it reminded me to make the things you do fun..This was a run that I intentionally marked out and ran when I was doing what I called RUN-ART.

Have a Blessed Day!

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