Challenge Accepted: 2 Hour Half Marathon

A few weeks ago on HIMYM, Barney accepted a list of challenges from Lilly and Robin on picking up women.  If you know anything about the show - Barney will accept the challenge before hearing it...and even when he puts forth the challenge himself.

Nobody has challenged me to the 2 hour half marathon and for many marathoners, especially successful ones, a 2 hour Half seems a little slow.  How about this though, my first (and only) Half Marathon was completed in 2hr 35min.  I'd be trying to cut 35 minutes from that initial time. 

I've gained some weight since that race as well.  I'd say around 25 lbs I've added since running that Half Marathon. 

Today I weigh 220 lbs. 

To be able to get a 2 hr Half Marathon under my belt - it's going to take a lot of discipline, determination, and self-control.  I want to do something to focus my winter time so that I don't gain 20 more lbs and since I love running - this seems like a legitimate and achievable goal.

So, here's to you Barney Stinson - challenge accepted.


Lisa Isenberger said...

Best wishes as your strive to achieve that 2 hr half marathon

llebpack Smith said...

Perfect !

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And thank you