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man with a plan. nope, just a stroller

I jogged for the first time with a stroller. 

Blake loved it.

I felt weird.

Everyone smiled at me and said Good Morning.  Even the one chick that never says Good Morning said Good Morning.

I think I'll do it again - run with the stroller. 

Blake got to play at the park after the run since we were already there for the path that winds in and around the park.  It's so nice to have that just across the street so that when I wake up, I can eat my breakfast and then get Blake out of bed and dressed and then go for my morning workout.  this makes 9 or 10 days in a row that I've gotten up on time...early that is...and gone for a workout. The one day that I did not work out was on purpose as I get up early anyways on Sunday so that I can get over to the church (my place of employment).